Adding a mileage expense

You can add a mileage expense by selecting 'Add mileage' when clicking on 'Add expense'. 
Next you can enter the description of your journey and select the rate. On the right side you can fill in the starting point and destination of your trip.

The distance between these addresses is calculated based on Google Maps

Have you made a detour? You can easily add an extra location by clicking on 'Add'. You can also indicate whether it was a round trip. Click on 'Back' to return to the previous screen, here you can check and save your mileage expense.

Adding a mileage expense with the Declaree app

You can add your mileage expense in the app by selecting 'Mileage', adding a description and choosing 'Distance'. In this screen you can add the addresses of the starting point and destination of your journey, and the distance is automatically calculated. 


Are you traveling the same route often? You can easily select multiple dates, so you don't have to enter the same expense multiple times.

If you travel past multiple addresses you can choose 'Add' to fill in all the addresses on your route. If you travel the same way back you can select 'Round trip'.