Linking Declaree to Twinfield

In order to link your Declaree administratie to Twinfield go to Admin > Account > Connections. Select Twinfield and log in with your Twinfield login data. 

Split company expenses

You can choose 'Split company expenses' if you want to export already paid business expenses as separate entries and use a different creditor for this.

Put reference in 'Free Text 1'

You can use 'Free Text Field 1' to include a reference to the proof. To display the link in Twinfield, you can set the following URL on the journal:$FreeText1$/pdf

Once the connection is established, it is important that:

1. you have provided the users in Declaree with an creditor number

2. the categories are provided with the corresponding general ledger account number

3. the VAT codes are correct

4. if you use cost centres add those codes as well.

After completing the wizard, you can export reports to Twinfield.

To do this, select the approved reports you want to export and then click export at the top of the screen. Finally, you can choose Twinfield.