Adding assistants

It is possible in Declaree to asign an assistant to a user. By doing so you offer the possibility to someone to access the account of another user withouth having to exchange login data. 

You can assign assistants in the profile of the user in need of an assistant. Go to Admin > Users and select the user in question. In the tab 'Workflow' you will find the option to asign one or more assistants by adding their emailadresses. Click save to finish. 

The assistant is now able to login to the account of the person they are assisting by logging into their own account, clicking on their name in the upper right corner and choosing the option 'Login as'. The assistant can now log in to the account of the person he is assisting and log expenses for them. One assistant can assist multiple users.

When the assistent is logged in as another user they will also have all the rights of this user. However, the administrator can always see when an action is performed by an assistant. 

When the assistant is finished they can log out and will be automatically redirected to their own account.