Using groups

Groups can be used to differentiate Some groups of employees have different regulations than other groups. It's therefore convenient to create these groups in your administration.   

To create a new group, go to Admin > Groups.



You can choose 'add' to create a new group.


When you assign a group to a role (such as manager or accountant), everyone in that group gets the corresponding rights.

Adding users to a group

To add a user to a group, go to Admin > Users. You can then select the user you want to add to the group. After that, click on 'Permissions' and select the correct group in the field 'Groups' 


You can also use the 'users upload' Excel file to assign groups. Note that if you want to assign multiple groups to a user, you have to separate te groups with a semicolon..

After creating groups and assigning users to the groups, you can make specific categories or cost centers available for a specific group. You do this by editing the category or cost center, choose 'Options' and fill in the name of the relevant groups. The 'options' button is in the bottom left, see the picture below.