Impersonating a user

As an Administrator, you are able to impersonate another user. 
By impersonating a user, you can perform actions on behalf of this user, such as submitting reports or adding missing proof.
This functionality can also be useful for testing user specific settings or reproducing a problem experienced by a user.

Impersonating a user can be done as following:

  • Go to ''Settings'' (gear icon)
  • Go to ''Users''
  • Open the user's quick menu (icon with three dashes) and click on ''impersonate''


You are now logged in as this employee.

To return to your own user account, log out as following:

  • Click on the name of the user at the top right of the screen
  • Click on ''Logout''

2.png You are now back in your own user account.

👍Note: Actions which are performed as an impersonated user are listed that way at all times. This is also visible in, for example, the report history.