Using the search filter

Sometimes you may only want to look up specific information in the Expenses or Reports overview. To do so, the search filter is a useful tool. Depending on your user's rights you can see all your own expenses, or all expenses within your administration. 

You can click on the search bar at the top right, below your name to view the filter options.


In the top column you can enter a keyword, which filters the expenses by name. It leaves out the expenses that don't contain the word provided as keyword.

Use the user field to only display expenses belonging to a specific employee. 

To find expenses made in a specific period of time, you can use the 'After - Before' functions.

It is also possible to search by status. For more information on statuses, click here.

In the following drop-down menus you can specify even further what kind of expenses you are looking for. For example, here you can filter groups, projects, categories or creditcard transactions.


Reset Filter

When you are using a filter, the magnifying glass in the search bar will turn orange. This tells you how many filters are currently active.


If you wish to go back to the overall overview of your expenses, click on the search bar again, and click on the blue text 'reset filters', in the bottom left of this window. This will reset all the filters.