Adding expenses

There are several different ways to add receipts and other expenses in Declaree. Use either the smartphone app, website or the inbox functionality. Below you will find a brief explanation for each option.

Using the smartphone app

Start by opening the app and click on the orange plus icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will get multiple options to choose from. Depending on the settings chosen by your organisation, here you can choose to make a picture, choose a photo or choose mileage. You have the opportunity to take multiple pictures for an expense. 

After choosing one of the options, fill in all the fields and click 'save'. Your expense is now in the expense overview.

Using the website

Choose 'Expenses' in the grey menu on the left and click the orange button 'Add expense'.


Now you can choose the type of expense that you wish to add. Fill in all the required fields and click 'Save'. The expense will now be visible in the expenses overview. 

Using e-mail

Digital invoices received in your e-mail can be forwarded to By doing so from the e-mailadress you login to Declaree with, a new expense will be created for you, using the e-mail and/or it's attachment to create a new expense. Make sure to complete the expense by adding the total amount and categories before you submit the expense. 

For more info on how to submit an expense click here