Expenses: Types & How to add them

There are 3 different expense types in Declaree. They are classified as follows:

"Regular" Expenses: this refers to as expenses that come with a receipt or an invoice 



Mileage expenses*: this means that an employee can get reimbursed if he/she has traveled a certain amount of km for work. The amount per km can be set as per company regulations. 



Compensations*: Compensations are referred to as "one time payments" that an employee can receive. Compensations can entail an untaxed amount that can be set by the organization. Examples for Compensation are the completion of e-learning courses (a one-time payment as an employee benefit), or extra hours that employees worked and need to be paid extra. 


*These options are not mandatory, and can be turned off by the Administrator if they do not apply to the organization. 


Different ways of adding expenses: 

Expenses can be added through different ways: 

  • Smartphone App
  • Webapplication
  • Inbox-functionality

Below you will find a brief explanation for each option.


Using the smartphone app

Start by opening the app and click on the orange plus icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will get multiple options to choose from, depending on the settings chosen by your organisation. In this case you can choose for a Compensation, Mileage, to take a picture, or to choose an existing photo or pdf file from your phone. You also have the opportunity to take multiple pictures for an expense. 

After choosing one of the options, fill in all the fields and click 'save'. Your expense is now in the expense overview.


Furthermore, you have the opportunity to upload pdf files that you have received or saved on your smartphone in Declaree directly, by selecting the file and choosing Declaree as the app to "open" the file with. Upon selection, Declaree will open and you can fill in the expense details. 

WhatsApp_Image_2020-05-07_at_09_33_53.jpg  WhatsApp_Image_2020-05-07_at_10_32_02.jpg 


Using the Webapplication

Go to 'Expenses' in the grey menu on the left and click the orange button 'Add expense'.


Now you can choose the type of expense that you wish to add. Fill in all the required fields and click 'Save'. The expense will now be visible in the expenses overview. 


Using e-mail

When an expense has been made by an employee, and an invoice was received by e-mail it can simply be forwarded to inbox@declaree.com. The E-Mail must be forwarded from the e-mail address that is used to login to Declaree. A new expense will then be created, and can be completed by adding the total amount and categories before you submit the expense. 

Please note that when using the inbox functionality, the expense that has been created by the system needs to be checked and completed by the employee, as the OCR supports the employee with reading the information, but should not be solely relied on. Furthermore, employees must not add any additional text to the e-mail that is being forwarded, in order for the system to read its content or attachment accurately. The E-Mail address used to log into Declaree must be used. It is possible to store an alternative E-Mail address in the user profile, that can be used:


For more info on how to submit an expense click here