Submitting a report

In order to submit your expenses, they have to be added to a report. Gather all your expenses over a period of time (i.e. a month) and at the end of the month, submit the report to your manager for approval. 

Go to the report overview and click the report you want to make sure. Make sure the report has the status Open. 

On the website you can easily submit a report by clicking the submit icon on the left menu. A dialogue box will appear.

Here you can see who the report will be submitted to, in most cases  the manager will be predefined, but in other cases you might be able to add the manager (make sure the use the e-mailadress).  The CC field can be used to share the report with another Declaree user. 

You can also add a short message to send with the report to your manager. 

In the apps you can submit your report by tapping the upload button.


Screenshot Android app, see upload icon top right.



Screenshot iPhone app, upload icon bottom right

After submitting the report, the status will change from open (in blue), to (submitted) in orange. The message you may have added will also be visible in the report history. message_to_manager.JPG

For more info on report statuses, click here.