The status of a report

A report can have several statuses that inform you of the steps that need to be taken in order for your expenses to be processed. See below for a short explanation of all possible statuses a report can have. 

A report starts on the status open, this is the initial status of the rapport when you first create it. You are able to add, edit and delete expenses in this report. 

If your expense report is complete you can submit your report to your manager. You can no longer edd or edit expenses that are in this report. If you do need to make changes you can retract the report to put the status back on 'open'. 

Sometimes a report is rejected, possibly because the wrong receipts have been added. The report is opened for you so you can correct the expenses and resubmit it. 

If your report is correct usually the manager will approve your report. Often there is also a second approver, this is why after the first approval the rapport gets the status 'processing'. The first approver has given their approval and forwarded your report to a second approver for final approval.

When the expense report is approved. The status will turn to a green 'approved' and is likely to to be exported to your company's financial system. 

The process ends when your report is closed. This means your report was approved and was processed.

Reopen reports with the status "closed"

If a report that has already been closed needs to be reopened, the administrator can reopen the report by clicking on "reopen" in the menu on the right side. The status will change back to "open".