Approving reports

Depending on your role within a workflow (Manager or Final Approver) you will receive a notification via e-mail if there is any report that you need to approve and forward, or final approve. The notification E-mail includes a link that will take you to the webapplication where you can open the report directly to approve it. 

If there are multiple reports waiting for your approval you can easily filter them, in order to see them all together.

To do this, click on the search box in the reports overview. Then, choose 'to approve' in the first drop down box and click the save button. 


Depending on your role in the workflow you will now see reports with the status submitted or processing, in the 'manager' column your name will be visible. 

To check a report you can open it by clicking the title. You will then see all the expenses that were added to the report. On the bottom are small images of the receipts, you can click them to view them in a larger size. 

To approve a report, click on 'Approve' on the left side. Depending on your role in the workflow, the report will either be forwarded to another approver, or your approval is the final approval and the employee can already be reimbursed. 

👍  Note: When a report has been final approved, the status will change to 'approved'


❗️ Important: Don't forget to reset the filter after you are done, so you can view all reports in the overview. 


Rejecting a report

If a report is not OK, it can be rejected. More information about rejecting a report can be found here.