Approving reports

If a report has been submitted to you, you receive a notification via e-mail. From this e-mail you can directly open the report in the Declaree web application to approve it. 

If there are multiple reports waiting for you approval you can easily create a "to-do"list for all reports waiting for your approval. 

To do this, click on the search box in the reports overview. Then, choose 'to approve' in the first drop down box and click the save button. 


Depending on your role in the workflow you will now see reports with the status submitted or processing, in the 'manager' column your name will be visible. 

To evaluate a report you can open it by clicking the title. You will then see all the expenses that were added to the report. On the bottom are small images of the receipts, you can click them to view them in a larger size. 


When the report is OK, you can choose approve in the left column. A new screen will open, here you can add a message to the next approver.

2020-04-03_09_46_06-Declaree___Online_expense_reporting.png  2020-04-03_09_48_01-Declaree___Online_expense_reporting.png


When you would like to reject only 1 expense from the report, click the red cross at the end of the like of the expense, 'deny this expense from report'. The rest of the report can be approved as normal, the denied expense will need to be added to a new report.




When you would like to reject the complete report, this is also possible. 

2020-04-03_10_22_48-Declaree___Online_expense_reporting.png     2020-04-03_10_18_26-Declaree___Online_expense_reporting.png

In both cases a new screen appears where a message can be added. When the report is approved by a previous manager, you can choose to mark 'Notify all previous approvers'.