Workflow and 'Approves to'

Why is it important to set a 'Submits to' for submitting employees?

It's crucial to designate a 'Submits to' for each employee who submits expenses, enabling the seamless submission of reports. This ensures a streamlined process where the manager can review and forward approved reports for further processing.

What does the 'Approves to' field mean?

The 'Approves to' field is exclusively intended for managers. When filled out, it indicates that the user must forward approved reports to the specified email address.

How does this work in practice?

For instance, Robin is Sasha's manager. When Robin submits a report, it's automatically routed to Sasha. If Sasha has designated Sam in the 'forwards to' field, once Sasha approves Robin's report, it will be forwarded to Sam. If Sam also has a 'forwards to' set, the process repeats until the report is ultimately approved.

How can I adjust multiple users simultaneously?

You can also adjust multiple users via an Excel upload. Navigate to user settings and click "more" at the top. From there, you can download an Excel file, make the necessary adjustments, and then follow the same steps to upload it again.