Workflow and 'Approves to'

For rapports to be submitted it is essential to define a ‘manager’ for every individual employee.

The field ‘Approves to’ can be set up for managers. The e-mail address filled in in this field is the person to whom the approved reports will be forwarded to by the manager for a second (or third)  approval. 

For example:


In the example above, the users John Smith and Marc Vanderberg are set up as managers. Company HR is the administrator. All the expenses will finally be sent to Company HR, for final approval.

Shaun McKinsee submits his expenses to his colleague John Smith. John Smith approves the reports, and forwards the approved reports to This means that whenever Shaun submits his reports, and John approves them, it will finally arrive at HR will then perform the final approval. The expenses submitted by Marc Vanderberg follow the exact same route as the expenses submitted by Shaun McKinsee.

This way you can control every users’ actions.