Custom fields

Do you need extra information to be present in the export to your administration or accounting software? Use custom fields to add extra properties to a user, report or an expense.

Go to Admin > Advanced and click on 'Custom fields'. At the top of the page click on 'Add field', and choose the kind of field you wish to create.


User field

A custom field for employees can, for example be used to register a standard cost center or a business unit. When the field has been created it will be visible in the profile of the user. After creating the custom field you can use the user-upload function to fill in these fields for all the users.

Report field

If you create a new report field, every report will contain a field with the name you choose. As with the other types of fields, you can create either a drop-down list or an empty text field. You can also indicate whether filling in the field is mandatory or not. If you choose it to be mandatory, a user can not save his / her report without filling in the field.

Expense field

If you require extra information to be registered in an expense you can create custom expense fields. This field is visible at every expense users create.


Please note

While custom fields are very versatile we advise not to use too many of them, for this might result in a large amount of fields that need to be filled in by your employees, making the application a lot less user friendly.