Payment Methods (credit cards)

The module "Payment Methods" is relevant for your company if you are working with corporate credit cards. It is possible to match expenses paid with the credit card to the transactions on your credit card statement. In this way Declaree will check whether all the receipts for the expenses made with the corporate cards are correctly uploaded into Declaree. 

To match the expenses, Declaree offers two options: 

1. Import of digital credit card statements - Manual PDF Upload

2. Data Feed

Configure payment methods

Before you can match the expenses with your credit card transactions you have to add the credit card information to the account. This can be done via "Settings" > "Payment Methods". Click on "Add" to create a new credit card payment method. 


It is essential that the last 4 digits of the credit card number are added to the name of the payment method (e.g. Mastercard 1381), the name of the card holder is added matching the name which is shown on the credit card (statement) and that the payment method has been assigned to a user (Assigne(e)). 


In case it is relevant for your Accounting/Payroll department, a code/creditor can be added to a credit card, which can be displayed separately in the data export. In this way the Accounting can differentiate between reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses. Please note that the difference between reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses is already visible to the end user in Declaree to ensure full transparency.


With the PDF Upload the user creates the expense and choses the payment method. With the Data-Feed this fields is already pre-filled, as the expense is automatically created by the system.

When an expense was not paid by credit card, then "-none-" should be selected. The system does not differentiate between cash- or debit card payments, as these payments are usually accounted as reimbursable.