Uploading creditcard statements

It's possible to upload corporate credit card statements in Declaree and match them with credit card expenses. This way Declaree will check whether all the receipts for the expenses made with the corporate cards are present. 

Configure payment methods

Before expenses paid for with a corporate card can be added, the card should be entered into your Declaree administration.  Go to Admin > Payment methods and click on 'add' to add a credit card (or a different kind of payment method).

For automatic matching of the credit card receipt and the monthly statement, it is import that the last four digits of the credit card number are entered in the field 'Name' (e.g. Credit Card 1234, or CC 1234). It is also important to asign the card to the right employee by entering their email address.

Uploading statements

Please take note

It's only possible to match the statement to the credit card expenses when they have not already been filed in a report. 

If the payment method is properly configured you are ready to upload the statements. Go to the reports overview and select the option 'add statement'.

Choose the type of statement you want to upload, select the file and click 'upload'. Declaree will check whether there are logged expenses (with the receipts) in the administration that match the transactions in the uploaded statement. 

Click finish on the top right to finalize the process.


For every transaction that can't be matched to an existing expense concept will be created with the date, description and amount visible on the creditcard statement, so the employee only needs to add the receipt and choose the right category. 


A corporate credit card is only used for company expense. A business credit card can be used for personal as well as business expense. 

If the option 'add statement' is not visible to you, please contact us at support@declaree.com