Using multiple layers of costcenters (Sub-projects)

Go to the admin-menu and click 'Projects'. Click on 'More' > 'Edit levels' to create a new level of costcenters.


If the option 'edit levels' is unavailable contact our support team to activate it for you. 


The existing costcenters or projects will be placed on level 1 by default. These will be shown to the users in the field 'Project' You can also edit this name. 

Next up you can choose to add a new level, see the picture below.


You can give the new level a name (for example Level 2), and choose 'Add'.

Now you go back to 'Projects'. You can now choose the level of Projects (in the top right). 


Every consecutive level is dependent on the last level. Therefore, when you add a new option in Levels, you have to choose which level it corresponds to.

Declaree___Online_expense_reporting.pngs to.

Choosing to use Sub-projects will have the following effect for the user: 


After choosing a project, the field 'Level 2' will appear, and then the user has the option to choose the proper sub-project.