Error messages Exact Online

It can happen that the export to Exact Online fails. For example due to a missing creditor or ledger account number, or the codes entered in Declaree are not known in the selected Exact Online administration. Below is an overview of common Exact Online error messages and how to fix them. 

[GLtransactions] Supplier (type)

Explanation: probably the creditor is not created / designated as a supplier in EOL.

Solution: in Exact Online, go to 'Relationships', where you will find the relevant employee. Then you can choose 'Edit' and tick 'Supplier' in the general screen. 

Account Required : Code Required: Name Subject [GLTransactions] Data not created

Explanation: the creditor number entered with the relation or the means of payment is not known in Exact Online.

Solution: add the creditor in Exact Online, or change the relation code of the employee or the means of payment in Declaree to an existing creditor number.  

Data already exists [GLTransactions] data not created

Explanation: Cost centres and cost carriers should match the known data in Exact Online.

Solution:Check that the cost centres (and possibly cost carriers) entered in Declaree, also have the correct codes as known in Exact Online. 

Mandatory : due date Mandatory:Payment condition

Explanation: no payment condition has been set for the creditor.

Solution: in Exact Online, go to 'Suppliers' via 'Purchase' and choose 'Maintenance'.
- Click on the creditor of the employee
- Next, you can choose [edit] at the top left 
- Scroll down and choose a payment condition under the heading 'creditor' by pressing the magnifying glass and choosing a payment condition.

Not allowed: Exchange rate

Explanation: this message is displayed if foreign currency is possible for the journal linked to the entry, but the 'Variable: Exchange rate' option is not enabled for this journal.

Solution: in Exact Online, go to Financial > Diaries via Master data. Go to the diary where declarations are sent from Declaree. Click the checkbox next to Exchange rate and save the change by clicking the Save button. 


Not allowed - VAT code

Explanation: the VAT codes set in Declaree do not match the codes known in Exact Online.

Solution: in Declaree, go to Manage > VAT and change the codes to a codes that match those in Exact Online (always use the Exclude codes).

Niet toegestaan - BTW code

Explanation: the selected journal does not allow VAT entry.

Solution: in Exact Online, go to the relevant journal and tick VAT in that journal's settings. Or choose another journal in the link with Declaree via Manage > Connections. 

Topic [GLTransactions] Mandatory: Relationship / Topic [GLTransactions] Mandatory: Account

Explanation: probably the 'Relation code' field is not provided with the creditor number of the employee, so it is not sent along in the export.

Solution: make sure that an employee's creditor number is entered in the 'Relation code' field. Note this creditor must also be identified as a supplier in Exact.

Subject [GLTransactions] The entry is not balanced on: 2017 / 1 (Type: Purchase entry) Difference: EUR -7.98

Explanation: VAT code "inclusive" was probably used instead of "exclusive".

Solution: You should check the VAT codes in EOL under "Master data" > "VAT codes.


Subject Forbidden - User division is not within division scope

Exact - Link with Exact is gone.
I checked the logs and we get this message back:
"Forbidden - User division is not within division scope".
To solve this, you need to check in exact, whether declaree has access to your administration.
1. Login into Exact Online
2. Click on the administration name in the top left corner and choose the correct administration
3. In the drop down menu of the administration, choose "Import/Export"
4. Then, under "Other", click on "App permissions"
5. On the follow-up page you will find a list of the applications, to which administrations it has access and the status. It is important that the Declaree application has minimum access to the relevant administration (can also be 'all administrations'), and that the status is 'active'.
Once the above has been implemented, you then need to disconnect and reconnect to Exact Online in Declaree under settings > connections. When making the connection, log in with the same user you just authorised in Exact, and select the relevant division.
Can you go through these steps and let me know if this succeeded in making the connection? Should this not solve the problem, I would be happy to receive some screenshots of how the app permissions are set up in Exact.