Creating a custom export format

Do you want to export your expenses to an accounting program for which there is no web service link, or do you want to export the data to an Excel file for your own specified overview?
You can create a custom export format to accommodate these needs.

Go to Settings > Advanced > Export formats

Click on 'Add' to generate a new format. 

In the first tab you can define the type of file (Excel, CSV, TXT or XML) and name the file. 


Depending on the chosen file type different options will be shown. Below you can see the options if you chose a CSV file. 


You can choose the desired seperator, decimal seperator and line ending format. Furthermore you can choose if you want to quote all text cells (to facilitate the import in a different program), if you want to show column titles in the first row and if you want to adhere to a seperate header row (for example for a journal entry). 



In this screen you can indicate which expense types you want to include in the export format. If you do not make a selection all types will be included. 

Furthermore you have option for mileage expenses to export taxed/untaxed amounts on a seperate row. 



In the tab Data you can indicate which types of data you want to export form Declaree. In the overview you can see which data corresponds to which column in the CSV file.