(New Module) Daily Allowances entry

The management of daily allowances can be simplified by treating them as a separate expense. These records can reflect any deductions or additions and ensure that the per diem matches the actual expenses. This method not only simplifies the accounting process, but also provides valuable insight into daily financial habits, contributing to a transparent budget management.

  1. Click on "Add expense" → “Daily Allowance(s)“ to start the travel expense report.
  2. select the type of trip: a. For same day trip (8-24 hours), enter: i. Departure point; ii. Destination; iii. Return point; iv. Date of the journey; v. Total duration of the trip; b. In the case of a longer trip (more than 24 hours and over several calendar days) i. Each individual journey must be recorded: A journey is defined as a drive/flight from point A to point B, usually starting and ending on the same day. ii. Add stopovers by adding more journeys as needed. iii. You can add a transit journey if required by checking the "Transit" box. (A transit is a stopover or stopover during a journey. Example: The employee flies from Munich to New York. In the following case, London is a stopover and the employee does not work there). 2 . Next, go to Deductions. Check all appropriate meal deductions or allowances for private overnight stays. 3. on the next tab, "Additional Information", you can fill in the cost center information and other fields that may be relevant to your company. 4. in the "Summary" tab, you can add the description of your trip and see a summary with your prices for each day of your trip.

You can now add this trip to a report and submit it.

Make sure that you check all details for accuracy before submitting the travel expense report.

*This configuration is only available for German legal Daily allowances, please address the internal Declaree administrator inside your organization if you do not have this module activated.