Connect with Nmbrs

Making a connection

The connection to NMBRS can be made via management >> connections >> Nmbrs.

Before connecting, check that the "business mail address" field in Nmbrs contains the employee's business mail address. This mail address should match the mail address in Declaree.

Log in with the login credentials from Nmbrs.

Check the "Synchronize employees and relationship codes" checkbox and click save.

The employees will now be synchronized and a relationship code will be added to the employees in Declaree. Note: Do not manually enter relationship codes, this should always be done via synchronization.


Go to Reports >> select a report or multiple reports >> Export >> Nmbrs.

You will see a logo appear behind the report. The report has now been exported to Nmbrs.

The advice is to give the report the status processed after export. (This can be done by selecting the report and then clicking on the archive icon at the top right to the eye)

Error messages

1003 : Unauthorized access

- Check whether the user to which the Nmbrs administration is linked has the correct rights to export.

- Check that the users have been created via synchronization and that no relation codes have been added manually.