Credit Cards - Data Feed

One of the two options to match credit card transactions in Declaree, is the data-feed. The bank/credit card provider sends the transactions directly and digitally to Declaree. This means that whenever a payment/transaction is made with a credit card, the expense is automatically created for the user in Declaree by using the data sent by the bank/credit card provider. The user then only needs to open the expense in Declaree and scan/add the corresponding receipt.



It is important that the payment methods are configured correctly. Furthermore it is important to note that the data feed is not offered by all bank and credit card providers. If this option is available with your bank/credit card provider, additional charges usually apply. Please contact your bank/credit card provider in order to discuss this option. We are happy to support you with any communication and order (e.g. 'Smart-Data by Mastercard). 


When the configuration of the data-feed between Declaree and your bank/credit card provider has been completed, all information about any expenses paid with the credit card will be transferred automatically and matched with existing expenses. The data-feed does not run in real-time, which means that it sometimes can take up to 48hrs for Declaree to receive this data. 


With the data-feed option it is possible to allocate credit card expenses of one billing cycle to different cost reports. This is not possible with the manual PDF upload of credit card transactions



👍Note: Declaree is the official vendor with Mastercard and also supports AMEX cards. Contact us via to learn more.