Switching between administrations (entities)

If your company set-up requires to have multiple entities/sub-administrations under the umbrella of a mother-organisation, then it is possible for users to be a member of these multiple entities at the same time. 
In order to set up the access to the different entities, the Administrator has to check and amend the setting of each user. This can be done in the individual user profile (Advanced): 
Once you are active in multiple entities you can switch between the available administrations as following:
Web environment
- Click on the name of the current administration on the top right of the screen to open the menu with the available entities
- Select the desired administration
 Mobile app
- Open the menu (three lines on the top left of the screen)
- Select the desired administration
 Filmopname_en_Switching_between_administrations__entities_.png         Filmopname_en_Switching_between_administrations__entities_-2.png