How to archive a report

In our article about the different status of a report we wrote about what the standard Workflow looks like and what happens with a report after it has been submitted. 

After the workflow has been completed and the report has the final status 'Approved', all data must be further processed and will usually be exported to the accounting system. 

If reports are automatically exported to the sFTP server, the status of this report will change automatically from 'Approved' to 'Closed' after the export was successful. If a report is being exported manually, the change of status to 'Closed' must be done manually. A report with the status 'Closed' means that the report has been archived and changes to the report are not possible anymore. 


Manually archive reports 

As described earlier, manually exported reports must be set to 'Closed' manually after they have been exported. This is to ensure that reports cannot be amended or changed after the approval flow has been completed and the data has been exported.

There are two ways of archiving reports manually: 

1. Open a single report, click on the button 'Processed' in the menu on the left side. 



2. Select one or multiple reports in the report overview and click on the small button with the archive symbol that shows up at the top of the screen after selecting one or multiple report(s).  



When a report is displayed as 'Closed' it means that it has been archived. It will remain in the report overview and not put into a separate folder. By using the filter option it is possible to search for reports of all status.