Rejecting a report

Occasionally you might come across reports that are not OK and  therefore cannot be approved. This can have various reasons, e.g. the expenses are too old and cannot be submitted anymore, or the overall report is not in line with a company's policy for claiming expenses. 

If this is the case, the report must be rejected by the manager or final approver. To do so, the report must be opened from the report overview. After this, click on 'Reject' on the left side. 


If you are the Manager, then the report will automatically go back to the employee. You also have the opportunity to leave a message for the employee, explaining why the report has been rejected. 

If you are the final approver and need to reject a report, you have the opportunity to select if the report will go back to the manager or the employee. Either way you have the opportunity to leave a message for the other party. 

When an employee receives a rejected report, the status will change back to 'open', so adjustments can be made. The employee can then resubmit the report and the workflow starts again. More information on the status of a report can be found here

It is also possible to only reject single expenses from a report. Find more information about this in our article about 'Rejecting an expense'.