Declaree d.velop documents Integration

Connect Declaree with d.velop documents to automatically export and archive all receipts as well as related accounting data (e.g. description, amount, VAT, G/L account etc.) to d.velop. All travel expense reports with the status "Approved" are automatically exported from Declaree per minute. The receipts are exported in the form of a PDF and the accounting data in the form of an XML file.

Set up automatic export

First, make sure that your Declaree administration is linked to your d.velop Cloud and thus the Declaree tile is visible in your d.velop Dashboard. You can download Declaree in the d.velop Store. After that, proceed as follows:

Create email mailbox in d.velop

  1. As an administrator, go to the "Configuration" tile in your d.velop administration. In the section "Incoming mail" in the tile "Incoming mailboxes" click on "Email storage settings". Then click on "Add new mailbox".
  2. Fill in the fields and add "*" at the very bottom of "Approved e-mail addresses" using the + button. Then click on "Save".

Note: You can also use a mailbox and import profile tailored to Declaree's travel expense reports (reports). Regular expressions can also be used to automatically extract key information from the reports. For setup details, please refer to the d.velop E-Learning ( If you have any questions regarding the mapping of the data with the corresponding fields in d.velop documents, your d.velop contact person will support you.

  1. Afterwards click on the newly added mailbox and copy the mailbox address, which is displayed in the opened pop-up window.


Adding an email mailbox to Declaree

  1. As an administrator, go to Settings > Connections in the Declaree web application and select d.velop documents (please note that the function is only available if your d.velop cloud is already connected to Declaree).
  2. Click on "Connect" and add the address of the email mailbox previously created in d.velop as the inbox address. The connection is now set up.


All final approved travel expense reports are now checked every minute and exported to d.velop. Exported reports automatically get the status "Closed" in Declaree.