Okta- SCIM Setup guide

This document provides detailed information about configuring Okta provisioning with Declaree with SCIM.


Step-by-step tutorial


In order to configure Okta provisioning with Declaree, you are encouraged to add a dedicated user account with administrative privileges.

If you have more than one organization, please add this account to the organization which should be the default for users who are provisioned through this integration (“parent” organization).

In order to sync groups, make sure the group name should be unique, otherwise, the groups won't be linked.


1. Retrieve the required information from your Declaree administration

  1. Log into your Declaree instance as an administrator (preferably with the dedicated user account, as stated in the requirements)

  2. Navigate to My account (from the navigation panel you open by clicking on your name in the top right of the page)mceclip0.png

                          • Declaree - My account
  3. Go to the Declaree API tab

  4. Click on Generate keymceclip2.png

                          • Declaree - Declaree API

2. Configure Okta

  1. Log into your Okta instance as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Applications > Applications.

  3. Select Declaree applicationmceclip5.png

                        •  Okta Applications


4. In the General tab, in the App Settings section


    1. Click on Edit

    2. Select the SCIM option for provisioning

    3. Click on Save

5.  In the Provisioning tab


  1. Click on Edit

  2. In the SCIM connector base URL field, enter https://app.declaree.com/SCIM/v2/ or https://app.declaree.de/SCIM/v2/

  3. In the Unique identifier field for users field, enter userName

  4. Select the actions you want to perform through SCIM provisioning.
    We recommend not to allow any import from the Declaree to Okta, as all the user management occurs from the Okta system.

  5. In Authentication Mode field, select HTTP Header

  6. In Authorization field, enter the key generated in step 1.4.

  7. Click on Test Connector Configuration

  8. If all ok, click on Save



6. In the Provisioning tab, you can now

  1. Enable the actions you want to allow (Create users, Update user attributes…)

  2. Map Declaree attributes with Okta attributes



3. Assign users in Okta

When all settings are saved, you can use the Assignments tab to add users to Declaree.