We have listed a few tips for troubleshooting in this article that you can try out locally.

What do we define as local issues?
Sometimes you might face issues that others (Declaree Support and your coworkers might not be able to reproduce) Typical issues as such may include: loading time, frozen screen, getting kicked out the app.

Browser Issues: 
Quite often a local issue might only occur on a specific browser. To check if the issue you are facing is browser-related, please try out the following steps

  • Make sure the browser you are using is up to date. If it is not, please update it and try to access Declaree again.
  • Try out a different browser, if it's still persisting in the updated browser. 
  • try out the incognito-mode
  • If add-ons or extensions are activated, try out deactivating them for a sec. 
  • Sometimes a local issue is caused due to the cache and cookies. Usually its not a problem, but issues can be caused due to outdated versions of a website. Please clear the Cache & Cookies in your browser and try it again. 

Device & Account-related: 
Sometimes an issue might only occur on one specific device or is occurring in one specific account only.

  • If possible check with your colleagues if they can reproduce the issue on their devices as well. This also helps to identify, if the issue might occur everywhere or not. If your colleagues have the issues in their account as well, it is likely not a local issue.

Network Connection:
Issues involving network issues are almost always locally and will have to be solved on your end.

  • Turn off your Wifi and reconnect to it again
  • try connecting to a different internet connection, if possible and see if you can still reproduce the issue on your end. 
  • VPN: if activated, turn off the VPN and try it again.