Connecting Pliant to Declaree

When you have purchased the Pliant module (and are fully onboarded on both Pliant & Declaree) you will be able to setup the connection by following these instructions.


Step 1: Enable the integration from your Pliant administration

  1. Log into your Pliant instance as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  3. Go to the Mobilexpense Declaree integration card.
    Mobilexpense Declaree integration card

  4. Click on the Mobilexpense Declaree integration card.

  5. Click on “Connect” in the popup that appears.
    Connection popup

  6. Accept the data exchange between Pliant and Mobilexpense Declaree
    Authorize the data exchange

Step 2: Log into Declaree

  1. You’re redirected to Declaree. From there, log into your Declaree instance as an administrator (if you’re not already logged in). You might have to select the Declaree server you usually use ( or

    Select your Declaree server


  2. If you are admin of several instances in Declaree, select the one you want to connect to your Pliant instance.

    Select the Declaree instance to connect to your Pliant instance

  3. Click on OK. Your Declaree and Pliant instances are now connected.