Release Notes IOS

- New and bigger icon for scanning barcodes
- Fixes core data concurrency issues
- Show a none option if the tag isn't required
- Fixes an issue when searching for categories
- Fixed an issue while deleting a temporary expense
- Fixes photo from gallery does not show up
- Fixes issue with Daily allowances while saving as draft
- Remember user SSO url
- Fixes resources not showing in compensation
- Fix form rows for country and tags
- Fixes #872 crash on iOS 10 after clicking edit on the OCR results
- Fixes a crash that could occur when logging out

- OCR module
- Show OCR results in panel
- OCR now detects VAT, currency and date as well
- Expenses will be categorized by payment method in report
- Fixes duration format issue in timesheet

- When viewing the violations of a report don't call submit/evaluate
- Added translations for image log replacement history item
- Update SSL certificate for SSL pinning
- Fixes #766 Show explanation of a mileage rate category

- Fix compensation step validation
- Fix crash when showing an UIAlert
- Implement hash for journeys and advances
- Fixes #768 Some issues with in-app approval

- Fix in app push notifications
- Sync draft expenses with web
- Don't ask again for a review if the user pressed cancel
- Added loading spinner when loading more expenses/reports/timesheets
- Barcode scanner for expenses
- Connect payment methods to users
- Don't ask again for a review if the user pressed cancel
- Added pagination for remote tag search
- Swift 5 support

- Fixes #684 Crash when selecting a journey date earlier than the first journey
- Remove child custom field values when a different parent is selected
- Fixes #676 Creating a new trip from expense- Allow the user to enter 10 locations just like on the web app
- Fixes an issue that could result in deleted draft expenses
- Fixes #694 In edit mode the user can enter 11 locations instead of 10
- Fixes #668 Select more dates when creating compensations
- Implement activity groups
- Fix a timesheet issue where sometimes the hours weren't visible

- Added workaround for decimal separator iOS bug
- Make SSO text field first responder
- Log, fall back on activity share when mail is not available
- Ask user for app review
- Update the expense list predicate to parent_id = null since server is sending null instead of 0
- Fixes #619 a crash that could happen during uploading resources
- Recover from sync errors when a report has been deleted from the server.
- Fixes #626 Negative amounts VAT error
- Translate currencies
- Fixes #628 added option to select all daily allowances at once
- Fixes #635 clicking a recent country would result in a different country
- Fixes a bug where locations would be removed if selected from the recent list
- Implement journey warnings and validations
- Comments from timesheet entries weren't shown in the app
- Show alert when there's no manager set when trying to submit a report
- Fixes #641 add url to zendesk ticket
- Fixes #288 Create deeplinks
- Fixes #678 Timesheet bugs


- Fixes #828 shortcut issues and crash resolved
- Fixes #830 DB migration issue
- Fixes #823 resource errors , categories loading crash
- Fixes #822 10 locations
- Fixes #821 Trip in smart report Mode
- Fixes #820 split button crash
- Fixes #823 resource errors , categories loading crash
- Fixes #817 Custom field removal before new Insertion/Change

- It's now possible to split expenses in the app
- Fixed a couple of small bugs like;
- In some cases the kilometers declarations weren't loaded correctly
- In some cases the upload icon kept on showing although everything was already loaded
- Improvements in switching between users/administrations


2019-03-10 2.8.274
- Fixes #2669 Fix bug: Wrong WKR group notification

2019-03-08 2.8.273
- Fixes #2671 Fix bug: Creditcard statements not processed
- Fixes #2575 Add support for Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit creditcard statements
- Fixes #2660 Fix bug: 500 error on logout
- Fixes #2430 Fix bug: Wrong payment methods when impersonating

2019-03-06 2.8.272
- Fixes #2649 Fix bug: Allowances missing [API]
- Fixes #2617 Fix bug: Duplicate transactions in ICS module
- Fixes #2551 Fix Bug: 403 forbidden when listing all reports for a user [API]
2019-03-04 2.8.270
- Fixes #2632 Fix bug: ADP Export issues
- Fixes #2457 Fix bug: Employee can't open creditcard statement
- Fixes #2576 Fix bug: Double reports when exporting to Snelstart
- Fixes #2626 Fix bug: 500 error when creating an expense with custom fields [API]

2019-02-27 2.8.269
- Fixes #1212 Filters not displaying active filters
- Fixes #2598 Add type to report overview filters
- Fixes #2600 Export Exact Globe Project Field
- Fixes #2601 Flights on same flight number
2019-02-26 2.8.268
- Fixes #2385 More robust exchange rate calculation
- Fixes #2602 Unable to create or open project

2019-02-23 2.8.267
- Fixes #2580 - Allowance for unlisted place, gets Luxembourg rates. region_id is not now the actual chosen place.
- Fixes #2565 add currency and payment method to email subject matcher
- Fixes #2560 all businessrules active for administrators.
- Fixes unnecessary duplicate request of timesheets
- Fixes logging of unset organization
- Fixes #2489 Implements the support for 100 percent VAT amounts
- Fixes #2579 - Don't set value of readonly/disabled of select2 elements in initSelection.
- Implements #2550 - Extra attribute pathIsNullAlwaysReturnsFalse for WorkflowEngine.isAttribute (default false)

2019-02-21 2.8.266
- Implements "More robust Inbox reader (upgrade docker php72)"
- Update set SSO tenant prefix by default and disable create-user-if-not-exist by default
- Moves query logic to repository of entities
- Implements #2566 Datadump / Eventdata

2019-02-20 2.8.265
- Implements "Roadmap: add fields to Admin Profile to store the 'Company internal support contact''
- Fixes #2574 ADP Perman Export CSV - XLS Fixes manual synchronize button for ICS Business connection
- Fixes #2452 Allow Advance entities to be exported

2019-02-18 2.8.264
- Fix missing user agent bug
- Adds missing getId methods for certain entities fixing pipeline
- Fixes submitting to parent organizations
- Fixes some translations
- Upgrades SAML response history
- Adds user, organization and source to logging
- Adds entity modification logger
- Fixes #2364 changes German translations

2019-02-13 2.8.263
- Port export format Behat tests to PHPUnit
- Resolve "Tests in AppBundle are not in phpunit configuration"
- Fixes #2528 Daily Allowance: "Flight not found" error
- Fix incorrect loading of tag levels
- Fixes #2530 Tags import: support translated tag level names

2019-02-12 2.8.262
- Resolve "Allow timesheets to work with all taglevels"
- Fix behat test for declaree:format:export --per-report parameter
- #2502 Refactor: move Controller query logic to repositories (part 1)
- #2516 Child custom fields are shown even though parent isn't selected

2019-02-12 2.8.261
- Add environment option to command
- Remove field sanitizing
- Fixes #2523 API: no longer to save expenses with vats that are fixed on a category
- Remove currency setter from bill factory
- Pretty print Twinfield error message
- Fix in value boundaries calculation
- Fixes #2418 Spanish Translation
- Fixes #2442 Use workflow based on report's organization property
- Fixes #2534 Scheduled export not running successfully
- Fix calculation of base value

2019-02-11 2.8.260
- Fixes #2532 Broken links to
- Fixes #2536 Export formats settings: replace freetext fields with list of preselected paths
- Fixes #2527 Link to API Doc - 500 error
- Fixes #2526 Assigning Payment method to employee shows 'label names'
- Fixes date picker translations
- Feature/ics crawler
- Fixes export filename
- Changed issued command to ExportGeneratorCommand
- Fixes security issue with report pdf download
- Re-enables API expenses endpoint performance update
- Reverse API expenses and configuration endpoint performance updates
- Fixes #2515 When adding a child custom field it's not possible to set the parent
- Fixes #2524 Workflow settings disappear after setting up user default
- Adds log level and channel to be used in datadog
- Add re-run button for exports
- Move regexp for catching amount of money to separate class
- #2436 Abstract creditcard parser PHP
- #2507 Create CreditCard bundle
2019-02-07 2.8.259
- #2520 DE: Help links lead to error (under Payment Methods)
- Fixes analytics module shown by default for partner organizations
- Fixes soap response error message for missing custom fields
- Improves configuration and expenses API endpoints
- Resolve "Add iHCM 2 export format to ADP connection"
- Fix SOAP connection
- Changed the write function to return false on failed master write even if slave was able to write the file

2019-02-06 2.8.258
- Adds dump sql query for future reference skip-test
- Implements #2019 separate analytics module
- #2516 - Code query builder reverted
- #2510 - Fix query groups per organization
- Fixes common exception thrown due to loss of ExchangeFile::account reference during import
- Reduces JWT logging verbosity Fixes not found exception when selecting no category skip-test
- Add support for as namespace
- Adds storage scripts and queries for future reference skip-test


2019-02-04 2.8.257
- Fixes #2493 API sends enum names instead of the value
- Fixes #2483 DE Translations: Currencies 
- Fixes #2484 DE Translations: add/edit Compensation in settings
- Fixes #2497 Can not edit expenses of type daily allowance in trip on
- Resolve "Timesheets: add submit CC autocomplete"
- Adds array type check to result approvers/assistants
- Check if approver is in same organization instead of same tenant pool
- Only log request once
- Update SFServiceController.php
- Log SOAP request
- Fixes editing export format Fixes splitting expenses
- Fix missing parameters on presubmit
- Fixes #2413 Setup two-factor authentication
- Deduplicate assistants/approvers
- Fixes #2474 tag2 should not be required
- Reset port
- #2394 - Counter: migration, entity, repository - Added `counter` to Twig ext.
- Added book number counter to export

2019-01-31 2.8.256
- Add mac fix-it-all script skip-test
- Bugfixes
- Refactors allowance manager from ExpenseAllowanceListener Refactors user to ContextService
- Minor form type code style changes

2019-01-31 2.8.255
- Fixes SOAP SuccessFactors updateReport endpoint
- Add KLM retest scenarios 24-01-2019
- Sync compensation type settings with production environment
- Add flag to ignore event mutex
- Add new testcases
- Add new testcase
- Implements #2433 Creditcard statement: Sparkasse
- Fixes pdf print binary response
- Fixes TCPDF version that allows base64 encoded inline images
- Fixes SSO signing provider
- Fixes SSO message signing

2019-01-23 2.8.254
- Add check for disabling pre-select of VAT for existing expenses
- Resolve "Creditcard format: Amex German language"
- Resolve "Refactor: Add entity repositories"
- Fixes payment method serializer Fixes xhr users endpoint
- Fixes couple PHP notices
- Fixes namespace for saml signing provider Fixes expenses model for trips without journeys
- Fixes wrong service namespace
- Fixes matching main employment on canonical usernames in user import skip-test
- Fix incomplete transit check

2019-01-23 2.8.253
- Fix datetime format and old paymentmethod references breaking pipeline
- Fixes report date format
- Fix constructor argument
- Add load fixtures to phpunit test stage
- Group modules by refactor difficulty
- WIP Refactoring architecture
- Minor fixes
- Try delete without EntityManager to prevent closing

2019-01-22 2.8.252
- Fixes #2441 Uploading user results in 500 and out of memory error.
- Expense dump
- Update GTM id for
- Refactor ExactAccount to use AutomatedExportAccount interface instead
- Fixes static namespace in SOAP messages
- Fixes parse error when reading Bank of America statement