Release Notes tot 22-5-2018

2018-05-21 2.8.156
- Fixes #1518 Archived expenses not shown in expense overview
- Fixes edit business rule modal size
- Fixes default region for add journey modal
- Fixes #1528 Not showing disabled administrations
- Fixes #1527 Add category code to API
- Fixes #1526 Show receipt within report on mouse-hover
- Fixes #1455 Add setting (show business rule to managers)
- Fixes #1532 Add support for new AMEX creditcard statement
- Fixes #1501 - Reference to Exact Online
- Fixes #1502 - Custom field empty in automated export
- Fixes #1506 Export to EOL fails with 0.02 deviation
- Fixes #1482 Credit card statement format for Bewatec (Deutsche Bank)
- Fixes #1509 Creditcard statement won't upload
- Fixes #1486 add creditor account to EOL connection
- Fixes failing allowance manager in test features
- Adds admin, system routes to dev env profiler Adds multiple VAT expense test feature
- Fixes persist recalculated billvats on report validate
- Fixes vat calculation on cc expense match
- Fixes web profiler route matcher
- Adds multiple VAT test features
- Implements #1417 Home-base for Daily Allowances
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-25 2.8.155
- Enables report validation checks on Nmbrs, Reeleezee and Eboekhouden export
- Remove old recalculate vat command
- Fixes multiple VAT issues
- Adds automated tests for numerous of VAT calculations Enables automatic recalculation prior to generating formatted export
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-24 2.8.154
- Implements #1495 Allow automatic exchange for custom fields through SFTP Rewrites all exchange services to use a common base service
- Fixes missing parameter in debug statement Fixes check on flight status empty response Fixes missing token when exiting impersonated state Fixes integrity check command's date Fixes missing currency_disabled property in account settings Enhance export command logging Removes unused custom export command Removes unimportant routes from being logged
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-23 2.8.153
- Fixes profiler url matcher for behat tests
- Performance upgrades by adding indexes on expense, report and media tables Fixes web profiler url matcher for dev environment
- Removes VatAmount from Reeleezee transaction xml
-  Performance upgrade with smart counter for total results in expense and report overview Performance upgrade with has expenses check on expense overview
- Remove unused getBinaryData method
- Fixes expense total value for report when expense got removed through API
- Fixes expense vat value total not calculated properly in updateExchangeValue on PrePersist/PreUpdate
- Prevent division by zero in recalculateVatBase by checking for non-zero vat percentages
- Fixes exception thrown when using workflow's INATTRIBUTE on non-existing property path
- Hides WKR classification from category edit screen when WKR module is not enabled
- Fixes expense date reset time parts for allowances
- Fixes behat test script exit codes check Enables support for http traffic on local testing environment Removes time resetting on allowances
- Fixes API v4 allowance test feature Fixes test script exitcode checks
- Fixes #1467 Country code send when adding expense not valid through API
- Fixes #1490 Components are not set when adding allowance through the API
- Fixes #1489 Wishitem alphabetical sequence Login as
- Fixes #1483 Ability to upload creditcard statement SWISSCARD
- Fixes maximum vat amount calculation for expenses with fix category VAT percentage
- Fixes minor issue with missing custom field values field parameter Fixes static label for stay-from in allowance form
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-18 2.8.152
- Adds integrity checks for submitting allowance with faulty trip or compensation type
- Enables optional custom fields for PATCH operation
- Drops date filter until the expense time component is removed
- Sets default number of expenses to 10 instead of 100
- Enables PATCH operation on API v4 users and reports endpoint
- Fixes #1488 Error by changing amount
- Reorganizes expense VAT calculation Fixes expense overview missing join tables on sort
- Hotfix remove entity caching
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-16 2.8.151
- Performance improvements on index pages
- Fixes single VAT rounding issues
- Fixes #1473 ING statement cannot be uploaded
- Implements #1428 VAT difference between Declaree and Reeleezee & upload problem corporate card
- Fixes place manager for overwriting timezone/lat/lng. Adds behat tests for place manager
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-12 2.8.150
- Fixes #1468 Managers should be able to reject reports in state 'checked'
- Fixes #1470 Set default value for new EOL setting
- Fixes #1472 Fix dutch translation typo
- Fixes #1475 AMEX statement not uploading GBP
- Fixes #1476 AMEX import uses first name to match creditcards Adds Italian language locale files
- Fixes #1407 By new import via sFTP all employees deactivated
- Fixes #1478 Issues timesheets Removes default sort on timesheets API Reduces timesheet API user selected organization output Adds vatbase recalculation on replacing expenses
- Make payment method of reports available in json
- Make settingsModule id available in json
- Rewrites some more warning log messages Reenables error logging in dev environment Minor fixes on allowances and place manager
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-10 2.8.149
- Remove duplicate class and method from log messages Set dev env log level to debug Fixes manager attach allowance to trip isuse
- Fixes #1260 Daily allowance rates should be removable when already used
- Fixes #1426 Add configured modules to API settings endpoint Hides custom header fields in report edit and pdf template if not in context of organization
- Fixes #1465 DPA user import group/project relation
- Removes default country field enabled setting Adds change settings api context function
- Fixes #1465 DPA user import group/project relation
- Fixes #1414 Notify all previous approvers also sends email to current approver
- Fixes #1457 wrong value in export
- Resets test feature that fails on purpose to debug the pipeline Reenables all suites to test in pipeline
- Enables missing fixtures context not recreating the database correctly
- Adds more info for debugging pipeline
- Adds more info to test scripts to debug failing pipeline Adds expense update test feature with country field Adds 5% VAT fixture
- Try more verbose logging and outputting test log on pipeline failure
- Possible fix for failing pipeline
- Changes exception logging in exchange services
- Drops chart twig template
- More cleanup, enhanced a lot of logging Fixed behat tests
- Fixes Unable to create month timesheet even though timePeriod in organization settings is 1 Fixes Start of the week day not showing the right day when creating a timesheet
- Cleanup unused code Changed log verbosity levels
- Performance improvements on expense overview page
- Fixes serialized organization name Enables app2 in production deploy scripts
- Fixes export pdf template for header displayed custom fields

2018-04-06 2.8.148
- Fixes #1425 Favicon not always the same Fixes #1461 Daily Allowances disable country selection
- Fixes #1427 NTR report 494291 not exported
- Fixes #1431 Add count reports workflow function to enable sampling
- Fixes failing behat tests
- Disables javascript tests until we can do this in parallel Adds bison (yacc) dependency to docker image
- Fixes #1430 Export function doesn't work by timesheets
- Fixes custom field option used in export pdf template
- Updates language flags to use a sprite Fixes default tag3 and one tag per report for trips

2018-04-05 2.8.147
- Fixes german language flag
- Fixes #1404 API issues
- Fixes #1422 API Advances issues
- Fixes #974 Enable/disable custom fields to be shown in report header
- Fixes #1387 Don't send report total transaction line to Exact Online for purchase journals

2018-04-03 2.8.146
- Fixes #1412 Handbook Link in German administration
- Fixes #1424 Flag icons not displayed in IE 11
- Fixes #1435 Business rule for x amount per 3 years
- Update CreditcardService.php
- Fixes #1447 Vergoedingen / Compensations - Only first option can be chosen
- Fixes API custom fields for tags and users

2018-04-03 2.8.145
- Fixes 1444 Final approve is not possible anymore Changed the violation warning message in Dutch Prevented violations modal to pop-up when rejecting a report
- Add organization default language when user created via SSO
- Fixes final approval of reports with status checked Increases number of consecutive empty rows before user manager stops importing rows
- Fixes automated tests failing the pipelines
- Fixes reset BrowserStack app automate token
- Revert negative amount deviation giving false positives

2018-03-31 2.8.144
- Fixes #1439 German invitation e-mail
- Changes to German translations
- Revert "Added German translations"
- Added German translations
- Fix bug recalculate vat base
- Fixes #1393 Businessrule doesn't work
- Fixes default tag on compensations when tags are disabled Enables translatable compensation type name Enables editing translation strings for corporate identities Adds advance resources and trip tickets to report pdf download Changes vehicle translation
- Added option to create declaree-dev enviroment via Docker

2018-03-27 2.8.143
- Update packaged composer on version bump
- Fixes #1411 Unable to deactivate single sign-on
- Fixes #1414 Notify all previous approvers also sends email to current approver
- Fixes #1382 Add function to sum total submitted mileage
- Fixes #1399 Lowprio: Regulations button is too high on screen (at timesheets)
- Fixes #1374 API: country value
- Completed Spanish translations
- Fixes #1387 Don't send report total transaction line to Exact Online for purchase journals
- Updates #1404 allowance, trip and advances API endpoints
- Adding certs for dev - part 2
- Adding certs for dev
- Fixes case sensitivity on tags manager field import
- Fix typo
- Advances expose fieldValues
- Adds Spanish locale and first translation files
- Fixes #1366 - Link to regulations not working for mileage expenses

2018-03-26 2.8.142
- Fixes #1366 add custom fields to advances API endpoints Fixes #1397 error on isCountryFixed for new allowance expenses Fixes #1397 allow all component types for allowance expenses
- Updates on Success Factors SOAP api to allow expiresAt date and user custom fields Adds Success Factors SOAP api automated tests
- API Expose category of advances
- Fixes #1396 Kosten hinzufügen" instead of "Ausgabe hinzufügen
- Fixes Germany SSO translations
- Allows transactions of 0 value for Exact Online.
- Fixes #1378 API issues for Allowances Fixes #1366 API Advances error
- Integrate new app for historical flight from flightstats

2018-03-22 2.8.141
- Fixes #1392 Update employee number for custom import module not working
- Fixes #1378 API issues for Allowances 
- Fixes #1294 Add paymentreference to Exact Online export
- Update on #1015 Error messages for exports do not display
- Fixes #1240 Expense form add more VAT button alignment is off
- Fixes #1375 Unable to submit report due to buffering of submit button
- Fixes #1199 API: default custom fields, country and tag3 are missing from response
- Fixes #1337 New Format Credit Card Statement Amex
- Fixes #702 Creditcardrapporten ING niet aan te passen door asterisken in de rapporttitel
- Updates password forgot section background
- Fixes #1222 (User manager) import function trim (email) input

2018-03-20 2.8.140
- Updates on #1378 API issues for Allowances
- Fixes #1301 Push notifications send when removing expenses from archive
- Fixes #1360 Enable custom translations for sidebar menu
- Fixes #1376 ADP workforce export not working for expenses with missing category
- Fixes tenant custom export command
- Fixes #1372 Enable Portuguese and French as main language administration or user
- Fixes place manager for non matching country+city requests during allowance import
- Update RuleService.php
- Fixes #1366 - API Advances error
- Fix correct path to copy certificates
- Make constraint variable corresponding the setting for the organization
- Fixes #1368de Enabl '&' sign in report name
- Docker dev workflow enhancement
- Fixes SCIM interface to honor the user sticky flag
- Copy apache conf an ssl certificates to the correct folder for dev env
- Fixes #1264 Business rule not working for expenses created in apps
- Fixes #1336 IBAN check on account nr. field
- Some more bugfixin journey modal
- Fixes #1365 API compensationTypes bug
- Fixes #1363 Full data-export (from Admin>Export-formats) doesn't generate
- Fixes #1362 API custom fields for advances
- Fixes sticky/unsticky redirect response
- API Expose compensationTypeId of allowance
- Fixes #1334 Add APIs for advances and journeys Updates system marketing statistics panel
- Fixes #1317 Settings iPad
- Fixes country case in location service
- Add trusted proxy for German infrastructure

 2018-03-13 2.8.139
- Registration and login form enhancements
- Adds country selection at onboarding with correct VAT rate setup
- Updated confirm messages for timesheets
- Fixes bug where the apps aren't able to retrieve timesheets Added parameters to behat test
- Fixes timesheet filter not visable
- Fixes #1347 Change column width

2018-03-12 2.8.138
- Fixes required passcode length behat test
- Implements #1108 Push notification when a new CC-transaction is added (as concept)
- Fixes #1295 Default route due to default locations invoke a "distance changed" warning on     mileages
- Fixes #1308 Wishitem Technolution - Paperclip Reports
- Fixes #1296 Add assignee button not visible for payment method with 2+ assignees
- Implements #1332 Make passcode length configurable Implements #1343 Automatic mail by subsription / cancellation Implements #1318 Add command to schedule daily data integrity checks
- Added possibility to create more timesheets with fixtures
- Fixed difference in totals in timesheet list Fixed pagination limit not updating number of timesheets visible Added visual notice to columns in timesheet if more 24h a day Added check before submitting or saving a timesheet if more 24h in a day Added confirm messages before deleting row or timesheet
- Fixes #1341 At NMBRS connection the text says Twinfield
- Fixes #1342 Can't approve reports with (non-blocking) business rules
- Fixes approve model additional check for blocking business rules
- #1237 - Items NTR --> Fixes Modal adds two journeys when switching vehicle
- Fixes export format service PDF generate method access
- Fixes #1226 Add filter option to timesheet overview page
- Updates on creditcard push notifications
- Changes to timesheet filters
- Fixes IOS feedback to unregister unused devices Adds notification on persisting of draft company expenses
- Changes to timesheet filters
- Added dynamic filtering to timesheets
- Added hardcoded filters to timesheets api request
- Updates on filters
- Changes to the timesheet filter

2018-03-08 2.8.137
- Adds export format command PDF ignore dirty flag
- Fixes #1329 Schedule additional custom export Fixes #1256 Manager field overwritten in userimport Adds #1334 Add APIs for advances and journeys Adds advance API behat tests Adds user import behat tests
- Fixes #1338 Checked function final approver
- Fixes #1313 Changing expense date after replacing concept in statement causes new exchange rate to be saved
- #1313 - Export Topdesk --> enable logging when rate is changed
- Fixes #1306 New American Express CreditCard statement
- Fixes #1319 Rabo creditcard lastname read-out is wrong
- Added a couple of attributes to the API for Advances
- Fixes #1333 Block approval for expense reports with business rule 

 2018-03-06 2.8.136
- Fixes Schenker custom export module report state parameter
- Fixes #1331 Webapplication asks for location at weird moments
- Fixes #1327 Template option for new administrations not working
- API expose user.defaultCountry
- Fixes #1323 Redirect after disabling user not working
- Fixes #1322 Add XCD currency
- Fixes #1324 Wishitem hours
- Fixes IOS feedback service to remove devices
- Adds lat/lng fixer command for places table
- API Remove component_id from json response
- Expose components in API

2018-02-28 2.8.135
- Fixes expense manager one tag per report for allowances
- Fixes #1312 Daily Allowances (Trips) history log display bug
- Fixes #1314 Sorting trips by date
- Fixes #1315 Add roles column to users Excel export/download
- Fixes #1311 Text when inserting invoicing details (during 30-day trial)
- Fixes #1307 - Possibility to enable creditcard functionality by default when creating templates for accountants
- Disables report viewers feature
- Fixes #1302 - Add trip to report type selection in workflow form
- Updates report viewer poll frequency
- Fixes report viewer poll authorization header

2018-02-27 2.8.134
- Adds recreate database script
- Fixes Exact Online historical journey transactions
- Adds selenium BrowserStack javascript tests
- Fixes tag manager to add new tags if not found by code or parent code
- Fixes custom export to use tag code 2
- Adds realtime report viewers Fixes #1279 Cannot delete last proof in an expense
- Fixes single logout for saml sso
- Enable input IBAN for users on SEPA connect and some docker fiddling
- Fixes deploy script to use apache reload command Fixes dump command to use reporting year month
- Adds code2 to tag download manager
- Reverts exact online REST api connection
- Fixes Eboekhouden connection mixed up value/amount
- Fixes user profile administrations tab
- Changes apache2 service restart from graceful to reload to force cache clear
- Fixes #1290 Weird comma in Groups Column
- Implements #1282 I'ts not possible to save a white-label logo in French or Portuguese
- Implements #1258 Wishitem compensations
- Updates on #1247 Daily allowances

2018-02-19 2.8.133
- Adds AMEX original file format import manager
- Fixes Exact Online xml gltransaction template by removing the first line
- Fix organization settings hasModule check
- Adds settings module configurable per group
- Fixes client side form validation on required but hidden file input field Adds advance custom fields to report template and report pdf template
- Adds bulk check button to report overview toolbar Fixes user profile form required organization field Alters notify all approvers message translations
- Adds sticky option to user profile available to admin users Adds organization member tab to user profile available to admin users Adds size method to reports calculating total resources filesize Changed rule engine to evaluate public enabled rules too
- Return the uuid from user instead of group
- Temporarily disables timesheet overview filter form
- Added `distance` and `unit` to the query for the expense list to do the right violations validating
- Adding members node in schema
- Revert behat.yml
- Fixes original distance bug in mileage expenses
- Rewrite Exact Online service to use REST services allowing bigger PDF file uploads
- Changes to timesheet filters

2018-02-14 2.8.132
- Fixes #1276 Popup text in case there are company policies for a report
- Fixes #1275 Change email notification: Goedkeuren != Beoordelen
- Fixes #1278 EOL api export foreign amount
- Fixes #1254 Extend Advance to accommodate category
- Fixes index out of bounds on expense/report navigation Fixes unintentional username change to lowercase in user import method
- Missing translations SEPA connection wizard
- Fixes #1271 Please a little bit more padding in report line-items
- Fixes #1273 Connecting to NMBRS somehow points to EXACT Online
- Adds optional flatten mode to dump script Adds reporting year and month input parameter to dump command
- Fixes #1251 Process AMEX transactions
- Fixes SSO logout for companies without logout url
- Fixes #1270 CC statement American Express A New Spring
- Fixes impersonate method for SSO clients
- Fixes #1272 Can't save workflow (variable action is not valid)
- Fixes #1272 Can't save workflow (variable action is not valid)

2018-02-12 2.8.131
- Fixes behat tests for custom export
- no message
- Fixes behat tests with mixed up report identifiers
- Fixes workflow edit view to correctly display errors and prevent it from saving Fixes behat tests for export format and customfields
- Fixes behat customfield test Fixes user sessions not invalidated on password change
- Fixes SAML logout route anonymous access for redirect to SSO target url
- Fixes tagimport unmanaged groups issue
- Fixes soap service codes
- Fixes group relations on import tags, Swapped Exception to Throwable so we can catch PHP  errors
- Fixes #1252 Add secret key confirmation on 2FA setup
- Adds query filter service Fixes #1151 Filter options for scheduled exports
- Fixes #1242 Marking mileage distance changed from original distance is not working properly
- Fixes security voter for advances
- Enables bandwidth throttling with dump command
- Fixes #1247 Daily allowances - reported issues
- Fixes #1248 Import Creditcard Statement
- Fixes #1220 RABO Credit card statement won't upload
- Fixes daily allowances issue #1247:37 and #1247:38
- Fixes DPA import auto disable old tags
- Fixes required entry for untaxed amount on compensation types
- Fixes #1243 Can't save report: toArray on null Fixes VAT base rounding error
- Fixes business rules on expenses
- Updates on #1220

2018-02-03 2.8.130
- Fixes trip duration check on daily allowances and same day direct back and forth journeys
- Fixes missing allowance during highest target calculation
- Fixes #1235 Check if (expense) tags are active when submitting a report
- Fixes #1227 User can't open reports due to date filter
- Fixes #1211 Add filter on tag3 in expense report dropdown selection
- #1221 - Tags upload ignores groups
- Fixes #1233 Allow custom field value min length of one character
- Fixes #1228 Order projectnumbers custom field
- #1236 - API returns sometimes HTML instead of JSON - Only invalidate session and logout when the token is based on username and password
- Fixes report totals and persisting of business rules
- Daily allowances - reported issues - Totals report not updating... Location does matter.

2018-01-30 2.8.129
- Fixes daily allowances select trip from expense report dropdown Fixes daily allowances allow admins to change advance currency rates Fixes daily allowances add latitude/longitude to places
- Fixes expense overview default sort Fixes mileage original distance behat test
- Fixes #1178 Schenker custom export is incorrectly including mileages
- Fixes previous journey destination should equal current journey's origin
- Fixes #1173 Delete trip (in production fase)
- Fixes #1056 Daily allowances - reported issues (no. 6)
- Fixes #1146 Mileage expenses add originalDistance Fixes SSO logout issued SAMLrequest
- Daily allowances - reported issues - Restrict chosing a origin current journey that differrs from arrival place previous journey // Sort by departure instead of id
- Daily allowances - reported issues - Restrict chosing a origin current journey that differrs from arrival place previous journey

2018-01-29 2.8.128
- Fixes #1213 In the Overview of administrations for Accountants / insight in how much reports there are per status
- Fixes #1165 Expense date as transaction date for Yuki
- Fixes wrong security check on editing expense as final approver
- Fixes #1210 ADP workforce export incomplete
- Fixes tag2 selection filter in expense reports dropdown
- Reverted filter commits
- Updates on #1098 CreditCard import Wayne Parker Kent making the formatting of the amount/value more robust
- Fixes breaking 'Unable to get a property on a non-object.' on business rule engine
- Improves expense overview performance for large organizations
- Fixes report and expense navigation buttons
- Updates on timesheets
- Updates on activities
- Updates on timesheets
- Fixes #1098 CreditCard import Wayne Parker Kent

2018-01-27 2.8.127
- Fixes #1198 Add user to administration through support page causes an error
- Fixes #1205 Mileage keep original distance when editing distance multiple times
- Fixes #1204 Limit number of reports exported by export command
- Fixes behat tests
- Adds implementation for Flightstats API
- Daily allowances - reported issues - Toevoegen daggeld bij met een journey waarvan een datum/tijd niet is ingevuld, resulteert in 500 error
- Fixes #1202 Select2 fields broken Custom fields
- Allow business rules for reports Add report entity doctrine listener
- Fixes #1206 Add loose creditcard declarations directly into report
- Daily allowances - reported issues - Toevoegen daggeld bij met een journey waarvan een datum/tijd niet is ingevuld, resulteert in 500 error
- Fixes error caused by missing expenses in empty trip
- Fixes #1201 Set resource required by default for categories
- Adds second code attribute to VAT entities
- Missing translation for SEPA export connection
- Fixes expense navigation within report
- Issue #1056 - 33: Vertrekdatum later dan aankomstdatum wordt geaccepteerd
- Fixes sidebar header logo responsiveness
- Fixes report header styles and sidebar collapse
- Fixes wrong view used for storing report overview filters
- Issue #1056 - 34: Bij verwijderen voorschot verschijnt 500 - "Internal Server Error"

2018-01-24 2.8.126
- Fixes #1193 2 users unable to open reports
- Fixes #1193 2 users unable to open reports
- Fixes #1110 Tag3 stays visible when tag1 is changed to an entry without any tag2 or 3 related to it Fixes
-#1175 Projects/costcenters are not ordered in the same way in webapp as in the smartphone app

2018-01-23 2.8.125
- Adds expense file upload click listener
- Fixes #1183 Wrong organisation displayed when approving report
- Fixes #792 Add navigation buttons to quickly view next/prev report (after approval)
- Fixes subscription form city input alignment Fixes subscription form price automatic recalculation - Adds navigation buttons on expense modal Adds email domain and lock option to organization edit form
- Adds user name to top right corner
- Update on dump resources command to fasten resource path selection and add progress indication
- Adds service retirement resources dump script and command
- Fixes #1160 Don't overwrite following users in import
- Fixes list hydrator for missing header information
- Fixes #1187 Add Google Tag Manager to
- Fixes #1185 Alignment form in activities

2018-01-22 2.8.124
- Adds dump resources command Fixes community distance translations
- Issue #1149 - Wishlist 3/5  items security and password policies 
- Added template for feature request
- Fixes #1177 VAT amount not calculated or saved when adding new expense

2018-01-18 2.8.123
- Fixes #1172 Expand support for Rabobank Creditcards Fixes issues with dayformats
- Fixes approvesTo requirement in custom user import Fixes option to allow for negative report values Fixes tag manager import function to reattaching organization to ORM before returning

2018-01-17 2.8.122
- Fixes #1184 Import Tags does not work with 65000+ records
- Fixes #1164 ADP iHCM export is missing amounts
- Fixes #1168 CC Statement Greensolver
- Fixes #1159 New format CC statement Rabobank
- Increases tag import performance
- Uncommenting code in
- Fixes #1115 Add support for VISECA cc statements

2018-01-16 2.8.121
- Fixes #1152 Restrict timesheet data entry maximum days in the future
- Fixes #1146 API: mileage expenses add originalDistance
- Fixes automatic user profile creation using new password policies
- Fixes DPA user import tag missing dirty flag
- Adds extra debug info to JWT login
- Update on #1149 Enforces password minimum of 8 characters and at least one uppercase character and one digit or special character
- Update on #1124 Fix wrong VAT calculation for multi-VAT expenses
- Fixes exchange service checksum check to update processed date for admins
- Fixes missing translations EN, FR and BR Fixes property path mismatch in activity form Fixes sidebar reference for current active menu item
- Fixes holidays requirement for configuration api endpoint
- Fixes exact account service expired confirmation check
- Fixes xmlseclibs dependency
- Fixes xmlsec prefixlist for SAMLResponse reference validation check
- Conversion from Timestamps to Dates
- Updates on timesheet
- Added comments enabled and comments required to timesheets
- changes to timesheet
- Updates on holidays
- Changes to Activity entity
- Updates on Activity entities
- Updates to Activity edit form

2018-01-11 2.8.120
- Fixes #1144 Can't add expenses to report via add option in report view
- Fixes #1146 API: mileage expenses add originalDistance
- Fixes localized thousands separator for twig templates
- Fixes #1118 Add support for KBC Bank cc statements
- Template for bug report
- New folder for gitlab issue templates
- Fixes expired exchange file cleanup method
- Fixes required expiration date on exchange files
- Fixes unnecessary deletion of unconfirmed exchange files causing duplicate imports
- Fixes decimal rounding issue with number_format filter
- Fixes trips module enabled by default

2018-01-08 2.8.119
- Fixes flight api to be localized Fixes unquoted french translation Fixes default value for compensation type untaxed
- Modifications after code review
- Fixes file modification time check and adds checksum check on exchange scheduled import
- Translations for DE, FR and PT brazil
- Modification on user input check on connect, Create export formatting
- First work on feature
- Expanded the query to also search the parent. Small bugfix, wrong redirect when adding child tag.
- Updates on 4xx and 5xx error and maintenance templates
- Adds trip legs to pdf export Adds check on departure/arrival dates
- The export part, rendering of the XML
- Fixes generated daily allowance descriptions
- Fixes missing log file warning during test stage
- Fixes entity requirement on container initialization
- Updates on daily allowances
- Added SEPA export to the report toolbar
- Created new connection for SEPA exports
- Adds SEPA icons
- Updates on daily allowances
- Created subform for settings for an organisation and added IBAN field and overall validation
- API expose advances of reports
- Expose type of CompensationType
- Adds allowance per hour functional tests Adds timezone localization parameter to journey arrival and departure date methods Fixes attach expense to report methods
- Adds test cases for allowances per day
- Revert changes to expense entity
- Updates on daily allowances
- Journey edit modal refinement
- Fixes behat beforesuite database rebuild
- Fixes compensation type untaxed rate
- Fixes test config database parameters
- Adds allowances API v4 endpoint to generate allowances based on a trip
- Fixes out of memory exception trying to serialise expense for allowance module
- modal styling, only apply to the journey modal
- Fixes typo in pt_BR translation
- typeahead bug. List now showing up in front of the rest of the page.
- Added translations
- Restore behat test before suite
- Adds modified header to compensationtype API webservices
- Adds API services for compensationtype allowances and components
- Updates on daily allowances upload and download
- Updates on allowance and advances module
- Adds advances
- Updates on allowance tests
- Updates on allowance manager
- Updates on allowance manager allowances calculation
- Updates to allowance module
- Adds trip and journey models
- First commit daily allowances

2018-01-03 2.8.118
- Adds missing bounce entity migration file

2018-01-03 2.8.117
- Adds blacklist for email addresses that bounced
- Remove debug statement

2018-01-02 2.8.116
- Fixes #1131 Upload payment method only updates existing methods
- Fixes #1136 Reupload of creditcard statement results in duplicate drafts
- Fixes #683 ICS cc statements in January report current years expenses instead of last years
- Fixes #1100 Wrong date extracted from ING cc statement upload
- Fixes #1122 Cost center search results: can't access 2nd result page
- Fixes #1135 Mileages not showing up in export when rate is 0
- Fixes #1074 keep mileage expenses from custom client export 
- Fixes #1033 Add support for SSO JWT token authentication
- Fixes #1130 Allow em dash in tag name
- Daggeld algoritme

2017-12-18 2.8.115
- Fixes SEK currency for extraction in cc statements
- Fixes #1105 Category explanation < 5 characters shows in wrong place
- Fixes #1106 Misplaced save/cancel buttons in business rule edit window
- Fixes #1104 Custom Workflow for client
- Fixes #1103 Add support for South Sudanese Pound (SSP) currency
- Fixes rounding error on untaxed mileage and compensation value

2017-12-12 2.8.114
- Replaces BYR to new BYN currency
- Fixes #336 Add Excel upload for payment methods
- Drop required report name in favor of smart report service

2017-12-11 2.8.113
- Fixes #1046 Allow admin to turn off two-factor authentication for users
- Fixes #1062 Decimal point is a point instead of a comma
- Fixes dropdown overflow on modals
- Fixes #1082 Empty report name causes issue with opening (link disappears)
- Fixes API v4 tags sort parameter Fixes export success notifications for exports without export file
- Fixes #1041 allow split between gross/nett compensation
- Updates on gross/nett rate compensation type
- Fixes #1025 Timesheets wishitems - tags autocomplete

2017-12-07 2.8.112
- Updates #259 Alternative email address in user profile - remove required option
- Fixes #1089 API: types sometimes string array sometimes int array
- Modify query for perfomance
- Fixes #1068 Make accounts sticky
- Fixes #1069 Bug in timesheets
- Fixes administrations query search with special characters
- Fixes #1086 Decimals VAT rates ignore exportformat settings
- Fixes #1085 Duplicate transactions skipped on ICS statement
- CSV output, translations, BE validation and some changes in the naming
- Created the workflow for adding, removing and select report to export to Loket
- Added feature "Alternative e-mail adress"

2017-12-03 2.8.111
- Fixes #1080 Add 'explanation' column in Categories download
- Fixes #1079 Export change for client

2017-11-30 2.8.110
- Fixes #1060 Add XOF Currency
- Fixes #1063 Translation declaraties = expenses (at categories)
- Fixes #1071 SSO button translation
- Fixes #1077 Group selection for Hour type in timesheets not working
- Fixes #1075 Space missing: "Paymentmethod" = "Payment method"
- Fixes #1076 Add VAT tarifs for locales FR, EN and BR
- Fixes VAT tarifs with decimals
- Fixes #1058 API: mileage rate is missing currency
- Added the default field the activity entity for the api
- Fixes error causing pdf generator to crash

2017-11-23 2.8.109
- Fixes SCIM interface automated test Adds additional check on timesheet entry maximum seconds Updates translations for activity field 'default'
- Fixes SCIM User delete immediately
- Fixed #1029 recalculating the total hours is not working correctly
- Fixed #1029 total count returns 8 but only 6 timesheets are shown
- Added the option to set a default activity when creating a timesheet
- Fixed #1029 total count returns 8 but only 6 timesheets are shown
- Fixed unable to retract a timesheet - Fixes #1039 adds CDF currency
- Fixes #1029 forced table cache reload when adding new timesheet
- Add SSO optional SAML Authn Request signing
- Fixes #1040 unable to sort approvers/users 
- Fixes #1040 not updating value of page counter when going to the next page
- Fixes #1040 not going into timesheet after creating it
- Fixes SCIM interface schema controller removing default id attribute
- Fixes SCIM test scripts and adds additional trailing slash routes
- Adds lock to custom export controller Adds support for SCIM endpoints trailing slashes
- Updates on SCIM v2 schema definitions

2017-11-16 2.8.108
- Fixes #1032 Creditcard statement ING won't parse Fixes tabula result encoding
- Fixes tabula not reading full document
- Fixes history items for non-existing subject and or actor
- Fixes #1024 Add transaction upload link to expenses overview for business card owners
- Fixes SCIM v2 required ServiceProviderConfig attribute
- Fixes infinite scroll for tags dropdown
- Fixes saving timesheet before adding new timesheet row
- Fixes #879 Veel lege pagina's in PDF
- Fixes SCIM authorization paths requiring full authentication
- Fixes #1034 Remove costcenter/project requirement in timesheets when not enabled for company
- Fixes #1035 Allow special characters in timesheet activity name
- Updates SCIM v2 ServerProviderConfig patch, filter and authentication options
- Fixes SCIM v2 ServerProdiverConfig endpoint
- Fixes automated custom export status
- Fixes ING business card single parser
- Adds basic authentication to SCIM interface
- Updates on #1032 Creditcard statement ING won't parse
- Fixes database uuid column ordering
- Added Xdebug to the Dockerfile and an easy way to enable/disable this. Also added Ghostscript because of dependency imagemagick
- Added ModuleFixture Modified property of module and settings entities
- Updates on SCIM interface and automated tests
- Updates last SCIM group feature tests
- Fixes gitlab ci docker tag to lowercase
- Adds universal identifiers to organization, user, group, expense and report entities.
- Fixes #919 German translations use incorrect grammar
- Updates on SCIM v2 behat test
- Adds SCIM v2 behat test
- Adds SCIM v2 behat test
- Fixes SCIM namespace and entity ORM definitions
- Updates on SCIM api
- SCIM updates
- Added basic SCIM implementation

2017-11-09 2.8.107
- Fixes #1010 Increased rate html input field to 16 decimals
- Fixes #794 Expenses loose draft status when submitting their report
- Fixes #1004 Scheduled export to FTP based on custom report fields
- Fixes UTF8 encoder helper file permissions Fixes custom tag import file original name

2017-11-08 2.8.106
- Fixes #1017 Business rule customer based on custom field options
- Adds process lock to report generator
- Splitting script into multiple scrips and folder restructuring
- Fixes duplicate reports created for accounts with one tag per report setting
- .htaccess was not allowed to overwrite apache conf

2017-11-06 2.8.105
- Fixes #1018 Signatures uneditable - save button not working
- Fixes #1016 ING creditcard statement won’t upload
- Fixes #1013 Changes another misspelled word
- Fixes #1010 Invert exchange rate for low value currencies
- Fixes #910 Changes made to make code more robust
- Fixes #910 Updating billing details doesn't update price
- Fixes #900 Barclay cc statement shows euro instead of pounds
- Fixes #908 Unable to submit timesheets Fixes Date not displaying correctly in timesheet detail view
- Fixes #893 Added better IE10 support
- Fixes #893 Alignment receipts (pictures in reports) in Safari Fixes IE10 report header not having a correct height
- Fixes #798 Wrong date format for extra rows when splitting expenses
- Fixes businessrule fraud check on file checksum
- Fixes ING parser if there is no second row
- Fixes accept method for ING parsers Fixes amount and value parser for ING multiple
- Change port docker registry to 6000 because of port conflict with Gitlab
- Adds lock on exchange service job and reduces verbosity
- Added README for dev install instructions
- Further work on splitting configs dev/test // Added fresh ssl certificate for domain
- Refinement for deploying containers for development
- Slow performance fix for macOs && fine-tuning Docker for dev
- Add registration success notification email receiver

2017-10-26 2.8.104
- Fixes #1009 API: organization with multiple subscriptions are always expired
- Fixes #1008 Mileage amount is not automatically being calculated
- Fixes #1003 Change setting passcode new administrations
- Fixes #999 Reports end up in timesheets when smart reports are enabled Removes third party statistics libraries

2017-10-26 2.8.103
- Fixes #1001 Manager can not remove 1 statement line
- Fixes #997 User upload with unchecked 'append data' box not removing entries
- Fixes #991 Cannot re-upload statement to correct skipped transactions (Barclaycard)
- Fixes #995 ICS statement can't be uploaded
- Fixes #990 tag2 label not showing on create report screen
- Fixes #986 Wrong exchange rate between IDR and EUR
- Fixes #984 Search in administrations doesn't prioritise queries and removes query on paginator
- Fixes #996 API: Custom field options are missing the group attribute (expense/report)
- Fixes #939 Date selection field partly hidden behind header
- Fixes #905 Exotic currencies are not processed correctly
- Fixes #887 Custom ICS cc statement format won't parse
- Fixes #862 Login button disabled after submitting wrong credentials
- Fixes #575 Creditcard import won't show a clear error when re-uploading a statement
- Fixes #337 Assistent in user upload
- Fixes SOAP getWagesResponse xml response for SuccessFactors
- Fixes displaying data in form when going to the next page
- Fixes assistants in user export
- Fixes parser tests
- Adds Behat feature for API custom fields
- Hotfix Twinfield sessionId from Logon webservice header

2017-10-16 2.8.102
- Fixes #907 API password reset returns a 401
- Fixes #978 Add managers to multiple organizations with user import
- Fixes #949 Report PDF is missing the total amount in the expenses overview

2017-10-09 2.8.101
- Fixes #975 Simpled Card transactions import amount decimals
- Fixes #979 remove and disable timeregistration activities in admin settings overview
- Fixes #981 Allow super admin to move/add users to other organization accounts
- Fixes #983 currency conversion for VND.
- Fixes #954 issue blocking bulk tag delete option
- Fixes #957 import tags character encoding issue for non-UTF8 documents.
- Fixes #969 support for Barclay corporate cards

2017-09-27 2.8.100
- Adds #936 business rule function "OLDEST"
- Adds user custom field values to PDF reports
- Adds domain lock setting for corporate or verified accounts
- Adds #970 passcode required account setting
- Adds currency lookup for AMEX corporate multiple
- Adds country conversion for BCC corporate card multiple
- Adds country conversion for ING business card single 
- Fixes #901 support for ICS credit transactions in csv files
- Fixes custom export service VAT default code
- Fixes #971 Total report amount not right
- Fixes #927 Business rules don't show on mileage expenses created for multiple dates
- Fixes #959 support for AMEX business card statement
- Fixes #965 import ING csv transactions import dateformat
- Fixes #946 API: smartReport setting in organization and configuration
- Fixes ICS scheduled import duplicate transactions
- Fixes ICS transactions import rate and import report totals
- Fixes creditcard module error message response
- Fixes expected transaction date/times, currency and country codes in test json files
- Fixes card numbers with a blank space Fixes transaction date time to 00:00:00

2017-09-26 2.8.99
- Fixes #968 custom export service VAT export
- Adds ICS transactions import to exchange account scheduled import
- Fixes #964 leave out VAT from Yuki export if disabled in settings
- Add modified since filter to report list API service
- Fixes #962 SimpledCard import transaction date
- Fixes custom tag import command overwriting manager3 and manager4

2017-09-19 2.8.98
- Fixes #963 user import keep users with accountant role activated
- Fixes #954 bulk tags delete
- Adds user import column 'code' as alternative to Dutch 'relatiecode'
- Adds user import option for managers in related organizations
- Adds #950 Add an evaluate function to the report API
- Fixes #955 Report state in export format mixed up

2017-08-29 2.8.97
- Adds custom import unit tests for switching contracts
- Fixes #937 cost center field(s) disappears when using Smart Reports in conjunction with one-tag-per-report setting
- Fixes #932 plural form of 'niveaus'
- Fixes #947 removes proof required setting from settings
- Fixes #943 large foreign amounts over 1M read from ICS statements
- Fixes SuccessFactors wages SOAP service
- Fixes minor timesheet module issues
- Fixes German translation

2017-08-23 2.8.96
- Adds #860 notify all previous approvers option when approving/rejecting a report
- Adds Smart Report auto submitter command
- Adds Smart Report for API
- Adds footer translations and links
- Fixes Smart Report settings frequency selector
- Fixes #914 full data export returns default format
- Fixes #929 filter count in report/expense overview not correct
- Fixes #926 unknown groups created multiple times in user Excel upload
- Fixes #923 allow different client numbers in custom export module
- Fixes export format edit page

2017-08-17 2.8.95
- Adds export format online script editor
- Adds resource required per category setting
- Adds tag manager2..9, explanation and proof required Excel import options
- Adds new git remote repository
- Fixes export format script editor save method
- Fixes a few German translations

2017-08-15 2.8.94
- Adds timesheet automated tests
- Adds category upload page optional column explanation
- Adds category overview code 2 Adds group overview code Adds tag overview code 2 Adds user overview code Adds category import explanation Adds tag import code 2 and code 3 Adds string escaping for CSV tag name and code export
- Adds final approve as possible first or second approval action
- Adds first and second approval attributes to report
- Adds production server app5 to deploy script
- Fixes minor timesheet issues 
- Fixes ICS transactions import date format
- Fixes exchange import file modified date check
- Removes oneManagerPerReport setting in favour of oneTagPerReport setting

2017-08-10 2.8.93
- Add deploy stages Germany
- Adds fixed currency setting option
- Fixes #917 ICS creditcard CSV import breaks due to use of umlauts
- Fixes snelstart export
- Fixes minor issues with timesheets modulee
- Fixes default plan localized name
- Fixes German sso domain translation
- Fixes organization default localized date format
- Fixes German domain name in account page
- Fixes invalid numeric literals (php7)
- Fixes German menu translations
- Fixes German translations for payment method types
- Fixes onboarding localized iphone image
- Updates on Exact Online service and setup wizard
- Updates Exact Online setup performance
- Upgrade phpexcel vendor package
- Removes gelf log channel

2017-08-03 2.8.92
- Adds expense tag3 automated tests
- Fixes #904 add tag3 to expense response
- Fixes EOL setup wizard performance issues
- Fixes preset approver on timesheet submit Fixes comment look and feel
- Rollback report submit for corporate creditcard statements

2017-08-02 2.8.91
- Fixes #883 users are only allowed to submit business card statements, not corporate card statements
- Fixes #794 expense draft status is lost when submitting statement
- Fixes #881 multiple category, group and paymentmethod filter options in report and expense overview
- Fixes #895 creditcard icon missing from reports overview
- Fixes #894 export EOL from expenses overview
- Fixes #885 API custom fields array contains associative keys
- Fixes tag delete all action

2017-07-25 2.8.90
- Adds #858 mileage expense multiple date selection
- Adds #891 set VAT per country on registration
- Fixes #890 adopt report tags when submitting expense without tags for oneTagPerReport accounts
- Fixes #889 allow backslash in project names
- Fixes #888 export split mileage expense stored with untaxed category
- Fixes #880 allow certain notifications never to be sent
- Fixes #884 wrong report date shown in notification mail

2017-07-20 2.8.89
- Adds translation messages
- Adds Brazilian Portuguese main translations
- Adds schedule command for Exact Globe
- Adds Exact Online Germany connector
- Adds Brazilian Portuguese and French translations
- Fixes expense creditcard icon in expense overview
- Fixes custom export to close multiple reports per user after export
- Fixes split expense action for unreported expenses
- Fixes ING creditcard statement upload for English language
- Fixes Exact Online connector to save transaction reference
- Fixes report detach expense security check
2017-07-17 2.8.88 

Adds #866 keep track of creditcard total on statement
Adds #867 difference between business (user role owned) and corporate cards (admin role owned)
Lowers Exact Online upload limit to 3MB
Adds #874 report minimum expense date to use in business rules
Adds #875 export column field for country and iso 3166 country code
Adds custom fix thumbnails command
Fixes #873 leave out expense vat line if no code is set (24Vision --> Twinfield)
Fixes #872 user upload column 'enabled' not taken in to account
Fixes #878 footer links overlap registration form
Fixes export format generator for xml export types
Fixes export format function field options
2017-07-08 2.8.84

Adds #859 track mileage distance modified
Adds time registration module
Adds export service for timesheets
Adds missing composer package versions
Adds shared sessions between deploys
Adds automated database migrations to primary server(s) before cache warmup
2017-07-05 2.8.83

Adds API report submit behat tests
Adds API v4 admin add report/expense on behalf of other user
Adds API v4 admin submit on behalf of other user
Adds API v4 filter users list on email, username or code
Adds API v4 filter reports list on creation date (from - to)
Adds API reports third tag level
Adds SAML single sign-on binding configuration option
Fixes Storecove ICS import transaction filter on statement credit lines
Fixes Storecove transaction date import and skip statement credit line
Fixes API v4 category behat test on category name
Updates SAML sso state session index size to allow up to 128 characters
Updates SOAP getWages and getReports with document date
2017-06-29 2.8.82

Adds #869 Storecove ICS transactions import module
Adds #831 Barclay creditcard import country, foreign currency/amount and exchange rate.
Adds #849 read country code from creditcard statement transactions
Fixes #857 third level tag/costcenter not saved with expense
Fixes #863 change iHCM export header
Fixes #864 lower minimal distance to 0.1 miles/kilometers
Fixes historical rates on
Adds opt-in on newsletters in registration form
Adds scroll to modals allowing larger expense forms
Adds preset data on registration form
Updates Google Maps api to version ^3.0
2017-06-23 2.8.81

Adds report state export format field
Adds export format all reports download option
Adds expense group for non-Harmony users in customer custom user import
Adds creditcard statement re-match option and replace concepts from report expense overview
Adds report header third tag level
Adds payment method admin page search on card holder name, username, email and payment method code
Adds search and hide disabled option to payment method admin page
Adds reports with custom field "international" to customer custom export
Fixes group import module
Fixes notification service swift mailer "boolean given" issue
Changes report approval date selection to document date in Success Factors SOAP service
Improves report PDF generation and compression
2017-06-21 2.8.80

Adds exchange account background task
Adds E-boekhouden export as invoice service
Adds application server label to request logging information
Fixes customer custom tag import to disable tags no longer available
2017-06-19 2.8.79

Change deploy system logging level
Fixes export format template upload to allow plain text templates
Fixes report duplicates caused by failing hash check
Fixes default locale for sending approval notification email
Fixes entity relationships keeping the company form from saving properly
Fixes missing dirty flags on group entities
2017-06-17 2.8.78

Adds creditcard import support for Barclays commercial cards
Adds group import module
Adds #851 tax number for subscriptions
Fixed #852 allow matching creditcard holder on full name
Fixes #853 rejected reports are listed for filter option 'to approve'
Fixes #854 custom error messages for each status code
Fixes #855 compensation type unit translations
Fixes expense description missing default label
Fixes Eboekhouden export module
Fixes EOL setup form wizard
Improves update interval on importing manager relations, reducing possible deadlock
2017-06-06 2.8.77

Fixes #845 change ADP iHCM export format to xls
Fixes #846 don't render report field for legacy mode customers
Fixes #847 forward report and bulk report approve/deny menu options
Fixes closed entity manager when reporting export status/log
Fixes custom user import modules DQL parameter quotes Fixes renamed method getName to blockPrefix causing duplicate reports
2017-06-01 2.8.76

Adds #837 expense preview popup in expense selection modal
Adds Unit4 journal export company identifier
Adds exchange account rate import module
Adds foreign amount column on creditcard match expenses overview
Adds more account details to invoicing command overview
Adds multiple source ip input validation on exchange account
Adds support for both Dutch and English username column in user import
Adds third costcenter/tag level on expenses
Adds validation checks on API user delete service
Fixes #826 wrong icons used in expense overview modal
Fixes #841 category explanation on compensation types
Fixes #842 conditionally add validation message to report field
Fixes 20/20 Vision export single detail line issue
Fixes PSR coding standards on entire code base
Fixes Symfony 3 deprecation warnings
Fixes export command pdf destination path instruction
Fixes export service filename
Fixes first time managers import for new users
Fixes journal export service daily allowance deduction
Fixes new user with groups exchange account user import
Fixes organizations API web service
Fixes translation message for export format default column names
Fixes unit4 journal export filename
Fixes whitespaces in multiple ip addresses
Fixes wrong extension used for scheduled export format
Reduces logging footprint
2017-05-18 2.8.75

Fixes #833 extension missing from image download response
Fixes #825 can't login to app due to missing organization data
Fixes #834 show same approver error message in approval modal
Fixes expired reset link with redirect to request reset page
Adds #680 requirement setting per tag level
Adds #832 new ADP iHCM connector
Adds system country field, user default country and compensation type (fixed) country
Adds distinction between report/expense header rows and detail lines for export format function fields
Adds Unit4 column row and changes decimal separator
Adds custom export format filename
Adds new error page markup
2017-05-09 2.8.74

Fixes SAML user provider auto creation
Fixes Unit4 export command parameters
Adds 20/20 Vision extended logging
Adds new matcher and highlighter for Google Maps results on individual word matches
Adds report auto generate feature
2017-05-05 2.8.73

Fixes #829 maximum character limit on business rules
Fixes #830 available reports missing from expense form dropdown selection field
Adds 20/20 Vision export e-mail and web notifications
2017-05-03 2.8.72

Fixes #554 show category explanation on mileage rates with a fixed category
Fixes #814 disabled custom fields and options for mobile apps
Fixes #815 report overview sort on tag/project/costcenter column
Fixes #821 german flag sprite position
Fixes #822 entity manager accidentally closed when auto-creating user through SSO
Fixes dropdown automatically load more results on scroll
Fixes background report PDF generation process limit
Fixes Unit4 journal export service parameters
Fixes categories filter on export format for split mileage expenses
Adds new ICS import module for Word Card Business, ABN-AMRO and MasterCard Corporate Card
Fixes new ICS import module credit transactions and date mismatch
Fixes new ICS import module switched day/month values
Fixes new ICS import module cc-number field
Adds #823 to enable a separate line per expense for CSV/Excel export formats
Adds mileage rate property accessor for business rules
Adds mileage rate community distance deduction setting
Adds mileage rate maximum amount setting
Adds Unit4 generic journal export service
Add category code (2) filter option
2017-04-10 2.8.71

Fixes #793 Twinfield header line description maximum characters for company card expenses
Fixes #799 display organisation name in report details page navigation
Fixes #806 adds user default language support to Excel up/download
Fixes #803 add locale parameter to registration success Fixes expense form tag not blank constraints
Fixes #810 import for new ICS statement format
Fixes allow both "manager" or "submits to" columns in Excel upload
Fixes default tags when switching organization
Adds active user count column in organisations overview
2017-04-03 2.8.70

Fixes #795 allow reset of default tag in user profile
Fixes #797 use first page as PDF thumbnail
Fixes #600 removed out-dated invoice status
Fixes api configuration service
Fixes report filter missing user option
Adds subscription module support for any number of users
Add support for Exact Globe projects module
Change output directory to check for processed exports

2017-03-20 2.8.69

Fixes #791 enable report filter option for status 'checked'
Fixes #727 BCC creditcard transaction import
Fixes exception logging stream handler error level
Fixes secure data exchange import timeout
Fixes todo widget limiting expense date to current month
Adds template option to add company form for easy duplicating company's
2017-03-06 2.8.68

Fixes #783 disabled users after import
Fixes #784 API error when updating reports due to custom fields
Fixes exports filter on empty list of categories resulting in empty exports

2017-03-04 2.8.67

Fixes #778 limit forwarding reports to administrators
Fixes #781 hides latest tags from lists if disabled
Fixes #777 custom fields not editable by admin
Fixes Carerix user import admin roles
Adds custom fields automated tests
2017-03-01 2.8.66

Fixes #772 limit user default expense category by user groups
Fixes #770 export format filters on categories
Fixes Carerix user import service reset admin role
Fixes links to manual and play store
Fixes expense form for custom fields
Adds #766 business rule *AMOUNT() function to allow multiple expense category names
Adds Single Sign-On Name ID format 'unspecified'
2017-02-28 2.8.65

Fixes #775 final approver can't change report custom fields
Fixes #774 sort tags on column manager
Fixes #776 limits checked button to controller user role
Fixes use of default company locale in 20/20 Vision service
Adds Simpled Card csv transaction import
Adds expense automated tests
2017-02-27 2.8.64

Fixes #767 fixes disabled report custom fields
Fixes #765 help center enabled setting per company
Fixes #685 (un)taxed field got swapped, untaxed mileage part not properly calculated
Fixes 20/20 Vision export to incorporate PDF reports instead of original images.

2017-02-24 2.8.63

Fixes #739 adds new report status "checked"
Fixes #756 remove client side validation on expense forms due to IE11 issues
Fixes #751 admin can't edit custom fields
Fixes #750 disabled custom fields still available
Fixes #761 allow translations on mileage rates
Fixes #758 limit latest tags to one organization
Fixes #755 white label logo not embedded in pdf
Fixes #754 system groups shown in expense and report overview filters
Fixes #753 import credit transactions ICS
Fixes #744 adds numerous extra export field date formats
Fixes #745 adds export "Function" field for custom logic
Fixes category names to allow currency symbols
Fixes multiple tag selection and latest tags on report
Fixes multiple tag selection on report modal
Fixes Carerix user import service
Fixes Behat unit tests reset database migrations
Fixes custom export command
Fixes performance issue with tags/latest API service
Fixes prohibiting empty reports from being submitted
Adds proxy settings for loadbalancers
Adds organization locale to exchange service
Adds export details page and failure notification reference
Adds wages push service and export command
Adds new soap web service
Adds export format function field
Adds web hooks to user API settings page
Adds tiles for Success Factors interface
Adds database fixtures for unit testing
Adds whitelabel automated tests
Minor change in export status update
Fixes SOAP service code structure
Fixes on vendor list
Renamed Success Factor widgets
Undo removal of database migration history
2017-02-17 2.8.62

Fixes minor stylesheet issues
Fixes minor stylesheet issues
Updates login request password and registration forms Reduces export failure notifications
Fixes #718 split expenses previously exported to Excel from the expenses overview
Fixes export success and failure notifications
Fixes #734 help popup primary color depending on corporate identity
Fixes export notifications
2017-02-16 2.8.61

Fixes #724 adds user group as export format field
Fix broken docs link
Fixes organization overview timeouts causing 503 server error
2017-02-16 2.8.60

Fixes user manager download query
Fixes #742 removes approval state from publisher module previewer and export
Fixes #734 requesting help now presets with full name and email
Fixes Exact Belgium provisioning
Fixes customer custom automatically inviting new users
Fixes #720 statistics button route in campaign details page
Fixes #734 incorporates help center in application
Adds export status and log attributes Adds export interface history to admin exchange page Adds exception catcher to generic export interface Adds relation to export format Adds export success/failure notification emails Fixes #699 imports tag cluster code
Fixes #731 improve performance and memory footprint for downloading large user exports.
Fixes tag cvs import for tag codes with prefixed zero's.
Fixes inaccessible imitate user dropdown


2017-02-13 2.8.59

Fixes #703 adds text1 and text2 properties to API custom field options
Fixes #703 allowing custom translations on different languages by adding a translation locale
Fixes #732 API /organizations returns wrong tag values
Fixes #667 VAT percentages not shown correctly when editing existing expense with multiple vats Adds 512px brand icons
2017-02-09 2.8.58

Fixes #722 expense in foreign currencies open in base currency
Fixes #667 split VAT on expense not correctly saved
Fixes #723 expenses from previously closed but now removed report could not be attached to new report
Fixes #726 allow credit transactions in ICS cvs upload
Fixes #729 adds "user" filter, page, limit, sort and dir query parameter to /api/v4*/organizations
Moves export logging to separate file
Adds admin vat page pagination and table sort
Fixes #728 allow up to 10 users on a single payment method
Adds Exact Online Belgium api connection

2017-02-06 2.8.57

Remove extra debugging info
Fixes #675 mileage category not set according to mileage rate
Fixes #710 default mileage currency to base currency and add currency setting per mileage rate
Fixes #701 upload non existing custom field options in user upload
Fixes #703 api user custom fields
Adds Exact Online app center country dropdown selection
Fixes #716 User import module tries to import empty rows in sheet
Fixes #706 add checkbox setting to only append new user data instead of replacing it
Fixes #714 limit group selection to functional groups for categories and custom field options
Fixes #711 removed 2F authentication for admins on user profile page
Fixes #712 match creditcard for holder first name ending with dot
Fixes #666 creditcard matching issues due to misreading the transaction dates from statement.
Fixes #704 e-mail parameter missing from translation.
Adds third dimension to Twinfield transaction export (second expense tag code)
Fixes disabling dirty tags in tag upload
Adds mobile percentage to statistics
Fixes #702 allow asterisk in report title
Fixes available modules in admin menu
Fixes tag dirty false by default
Fixes tag manager in upload Adds trusted proxies for loadbalancers

2017-01-25 2.8.56

Fixes current tag form listener
Fixes tag manager special characters
Fixes CSV file reader
Fixes #694 disable tags missing from excel sheet
Fixes #698 remember tag preferences
Remember last chosen tags as preferrences
Fixes #349 partial text invisible by adding title tag
Fixes #566 negative sign position
Fixes #659 remaining minor pdf issues
Fixes #567 attaching expenses to a report from expense overview
Fixes #684 expense violation delta symbol not shown properly in pdf Fixes #586 multiple expense violations only shown once
Fixes reading of user agent string
Adds url decoding for user agent parameter
Adds ip log to registrations and accepts statistics user agent through parameter
Fixes #697 adds user agent details to statistics
Fixes parameter issue in update vats method

2017-01-17 2.8.55

Add file cluster check to health check
Takes first set campaign for every next pageview
Fixes multiple selection in statistics filter
Fixes database migrations
Fixes #686 can't submit report due to extra "to" field
Fixes #570 Add expense filters for different states
Fixes enable user after set as expired due to excel upload
Fixes setup wizard form action
Adds marketing statistics, channels and campaigns.
2017-01-14 2.8.54

Fixes #688 add index on statistics table
Fixes #689 allow _c campaign parameter and use a query parameter for statistics in register form
Fixes #692 not all managers where being updated using excel upload
Updates on Behat tests

2017-01-10 2.8.53

Adds more Behat tests
Updates on Behat tests
Fixes #670 ticket 1.97 submitted reports are still editable
Fixes #670 ticket 1.107 proof should not be required for mileage expenses
Fixes #670 ticket 1.113 change 'same tag manager' translation to include tag level name
Fixes #670 ticket 2.4 manager can't approve report because of missing manager warning
Fixes #679 allow forward to specific user, even with custom or external workflow Fixes impersonate report user shortcut
Adds 'list disabled' option for user and category overview
Adds API v4 retract/reopen/close report methods
Fixes #672 wrong mileage rate used for calculation
Fixes #671 allow future mileage expenses
Fixes #673 enable VUV and XPF currencies
Fixes #682 expense state after detach from approved report
Fixes #681 allow removal for zero percentage vat
Fixes #677 disabled custom field options
Fixes #678 customer custom export
Adds Behat testing
Removes unnecessary files
Adds admin category and user unit tests (list, view, edit, delete, download and upload)
Adds JMS di extra bundle for DI annotations
Adds report list, add, edit, attach and download unit tests.
Fixes report edit permissions for admin
Adds unit testing
Fix publisher admin menu item
Updates on exchange accounts
Update translations
Updates on exchange account
Changed report approved notification text
Fixes #655 submitting with cc causes error
Adds app icon to SSO setup page
Fixes empty pdf's
Fixes required SSO metadata url
Updates on exchange account
2016-12-07 2.8.52

Fixes comment character limit
Fixes customer custom import/export issues
Bugfix import script
Temporary revert hash check on reports
Fixes branch parameter
Adds staging to deploy scripts

2016-11-30 2.8.51

Adds INATTRIBUTE workflow function
Fixes #650 missing file extension on pdf file download
Adds PDF export to generic export format service
Fixes export country code fixed on NL
Updates on export command for reports containing wrong categories
Fixes error on saving subscription
Adds automatic rejection for reports with wrong categories
Fixes hash check on report/expense api webservices
Fixes missing pdf's after export

2016-11-22 2.8.49

Fixes #649 Check business rules when attaching expenses to reports
Fixes #648 Translate custom field names and option names
Fixes #639 Limit comment input when approving or rejecting reports or expenses
Fixes #645 Allow negative values in creditcard transactions import
Fixes error highlighting and tooltip positioning
Remove validation on related entities
Fixes download for reports containing a forward slash
Adds federation metadata url for IdP's
Fixes registration error on new vat's

2016-11-17 2.8.48

Fixes unhandled exception on sending report with missing custom field references
Fixes error on attempting to switch user when session expired
Fixes creditcard service csv upload
Fixes missing initials, prefix in expense/report overview.
Fixes error messages for EOL export
Fixes 401 unauthenticated redirect to modules overview for EOL
Fixes #642 retract button went missing
Fixes #641 export date notation in hover title
Fixes #638 can't edit/save users when selecting field in custom field dropdown.
Fixes #640 broken registration
Partial fix #638 enable upload for initials and name prefix
Updates on customer custom user import
Fixes expense overview report links
Fixes SOAP addUser webservice
Adds token authentication to soap web service
Fixes minor issue with soap addUser service
Removes user first name not-blank constraint
Fixes VAT edit form saving percentage characters
Fixes customer custom export filename
2016-11-14 2.8.47

Fixes customer custom export command
Reenables expense overview totals
Reenables ICS transactions upload
Fixes customer custom export command start date
Adds vat names Update on customer custom export module
Updates on import services
Finishing up Two Factor authentication
Completed Two Factor Authentication
Updates on Two Factor authentication
Fixes #632 user edit menu not working
Fixes Localization service context
Updates on 2fa
Expose actor, subject in history items
Hot fix resource upload bug
Initial setup 2fa
Fixes #628 Hide reports approved while imitating another user
Fixes #632 Duplicate resource items in API response
Fixed #630 N/a value in export for custom fields
Adds user initials and lastname prefix
Makes account number an optional field
Makes forward report action an optional feature
Makes analytics a default feature
Turns invoicing vouchers in to add-ons
Fixes #621 Admin's should be able to manually adjust mileage distance
Fixes #618 PDF download for reports with special chars in title
Add customfieldoption text fields
Layout and database updates on reconstruction (recommit)
Updates on SOAP api (recommit)
Updates on redesign (recommit)
Updates on locale listener (recommit)
Adds IVGroep import commands (recommit)
Use Google tag manager for analytics
Updates on new design
Updates on currency display and formatters
Fixes Twinfield memo transactions
Fixes retract own report option for users impersonating their manager
Minor fixes and updates
Fixes #613 503 service unavailable when loading 100 organizations per page
Fixes #611 Legacy mode could not mark expense closed
Fixes #609 Removing user's with registered phones
Fixes connection's password length requirement
Fixes tag ordering priority
Fixes missing switch targets in user menu "login as ..."
Fixes workflow automated groups appearing in group dropdowns
Fixes user language listener to respect (new) user language settings
Fixes process/approve action on expenses having a report set in legacy mode
Fixes original amount when changing it twice
Adds company/personal switch for payment methods
Adds organization default locale and other localization options
Adds user default locale and other localization options
Adds German language translation
Redesign application interface
Fixes #604 Disable "add expenses to report" with single tag per report setting
Fixes #605 Special characters in report dropdown autocomplete in expense edit window
Fixes #607 Disable submit button when pressing save

2016-10-18 2.8.45

Fixes #599 English BCC creditcard import
Fixes #598 Match creditcard to existing expense
Fixes missing translations on expense violation
Fixes minor mileage javascript issues
Update on ignore file

2016-10-14 2.8.44

Fixes #596 Administrator is unable to edit user's custom fields
Fixes #595 Change creationDate to submissionDate in reports overview
Fixes #594 Missing compensation type label
Fixes #519 Check if tag manager does not equal sub profile
Fixes #590 Add error message when saving mileage with empty address fields
Fixes numerous other small mileage issues
Expose custom_workflow in API
Added max_depth to tag1 and tag2
Updates on workflow, pdf reports and creditcard matcher
Adds Exact Online logging Cleanup of translation files
Remove img alt tag from emails
Expose BusinessRules attributes in API

2016-10-05 2.8.43

Fix on 2020 Vision export service
Fixes #411 Add support for ING creditcard statements (cvs)
Updates on export format views
Adds customer custom custom export with Business Unit filter
Fixes #572 Don't accept Excel files with mime-type octet/stream
Adds #511 Split company expenses for Twinfield, attachments as resource link and exclude mileage settings
Fixes 2020 vision export workflow settings
Fixes #592 numbers prefixed with zero's not exported properly to Excel
Adds custom field option group setting, limiting the resulting options per group.
Adds first expense date column for export formats
Currency descriptions in dropdown
Fix duplicate employee/tag in customer custom import module
Fix tag query ordering by relevance
Updates on customer custom import/export
Adds tag asynchronous fields on compensation type and expense overview filters
Adds customer custom import/export and async tag dropdown
Adds tag import command
Adds tag code2 and code 3
Adds tag export fields for report
2016-09-22 2.8.42

Change shared cache directory in deploy scripts
Update security token signing algorithm to SHA-256
Fix for projects missing type specification customer custom
Adds debug info for customer custom import
Adds baseorganizationid field for 20/20 vision module
Updates on workflow template
Adds employee code to report overview columns
Adds export module per company transactions
Adds notification service https scheme
Fixes #588 CSRF error and missing category field
Fixes #591 Creditcard cache directory wasn't writable.
Fixes #584 EOL fix for exporting images with >50 mileage expenses.
Fixes #578 Hide disabled users from dropdown selection lists
Fixes #580 Adds filter on admin user overview invitation sent column
Fixes #582 Updates on IBAN regex to allow German/International IBANs.
Expose proofRequired for Tags
Renamed Submits To to Manager
Fixes #585 huidige datum wordt bij export getoond
Expose tags
Expose tag1 and tag2 for reports in API
Expose Tag1 and Tag2 ids for reports
Add extra logging to debug double mails

2016-08-28 2.8.41

Changes in workflow templates
Removes debug lines
Fixes on DPA import service
2016-08-26 2.8.40

Fixes default workflow
Fixes mileage location predictions
Fixes resource checksums
Improved Google Maps autocompletion
Fixes DPA import command
Fixes hash = 0, iOS10 bug
Fixes impersonate method
Fixes #548 Report json decode error

2016-08-24 2.8.39

Hotfix on expense violations
Finishing up workflow branch
Added historical exchange rates module
Restructured doctrine migration files
Updates on workflow branch
Minor bug fixes
Fixes #560 Add custom field option
Fixes #559 Attach report expenses
Fixes #562 Report violations in API
Fixes #561 Add report through API
Fixes minor issues in workflow branch
Fixes #558 IBAN input validation
Fixes #557 End of trial 'add expense' button action
Fixes #556 Default VAT fixed flag
Fixes #555 Rejected expenses not flagged in expense overview
Removes ordering from custom field overview
Updates on custom fields Removed category default VAT fixed flag
Adds manager role for approver source
Updates on DPA user import service
Fixes EY export command to close related reports from processed export files Added Oracle export icon
Updates on workflow engine
Updates on workflow engine
Added export format proof required filter
Fixes on custom fields module
Adds expense proof required setting and warnings Fixes tag document import command for first tag level managers
Added Carerix user import command Added Group types and code Added generic export format export service and notification command
Adds custom fields for expense, report and user models
Fixes string escaping for report names and numeric values
Updates on custom fields
Adds #536 Custom fields for expenses
Added custom field admin pages Added expense custom fields
Adds ROLE_MANAGER Adds UserAssistant entity allowing specific role assignment to assistants
Adds custom switch user listener
Changes workflow temporary file
Workflow updates
Updates on workflow engine
Updates on workflow engine
Added workflow engine and business rule types

2016-08-10 2.8.38

Fixes #534 Disable add to report in expense overview for legacy mode
Fixes #510 Class path not defined Group controller
Fixes #549 Business rule construction error�
Fixes #553 Error "Token is invalid" when generating api key
Fixes #546 Phone controller error
Fixes #547 Query XHR report list error
Fixes #551 JS error on category selection in mileage expense
2016-08-09 2.8.37

Fixes Android push notifications
Fixed category VAT preference
Fixes category fixed vat settings
Fixes #537 Default tag settings
Fixes #538 Add key to custom fields API web service
Fixes #540 Confirmation message on export
Fixes #539 Confirmation message on export
Fixes #543 AMEX creditcard statement
Fixes #542 AMEX creditcard foreign currencies
Fixes #479
Adds vat attribute in API category object
Adds fallback to user manager when tag selection equals default user tags
Changes email address for technical notifications
2016-08-01 2.8.36

Adds PDF resource checksums
Adds Exact Online upload filesize limitation workaround
Adds 20/20 Vision invoice web service
Adds 20/20 Vision base64 file upload
Adds status type to Reeleezee export
Adds Reeleeezee export file log
Adds email notifications to export service
Adds more debug info to import service
Adds checks on required report custom fields
Adds debug info to import services
Adds unique image detection

2016-07-18 2.8.35

Fixes #531 PDF export image quality and file size
Fixes #530 EOL export gets stuck on to many company expenses
Fixes #529 Allow super admins to edit organization/account details
Fixes Reeleezee interface document date
Fixes AMEX nl creditcard month abbreviations
Fixes custom customer export interface
Adds creditcard statement matching screens
Adds allow_extra_fields API attribute for customfieldvalue object
2016-07-12 2.8.34

Fixes #528 Disabled mileage rate still visible in expense edit modal
Fixes #527 Can't upload cc statements in Firefox
Fixes #525 Non editable custom fields are still editable despite of setting
Fixes #524 User code zero prefix left out in XLS export
Adds customer export interface
2016-07-06 2.8.33

Fixes csrf token check in admin users controller
Fixes CSRF tokens on admin controller actions
Fixes accountant role for permissions on all expenses
Adds file upload to20/20 Vision export controller
Adds barcode custom field to customer export interface
Adds customer export interface
2016-06-30 2.8.32

Fixes #520 Adds AMEX creditcard import feature
Fixes minor creditcard issue and user error messages
Fixes #518 Allows adding up to 10 mileage address locations
Fixes #519 Report submitting to sub profile should be routed to their preconfigured manager
Fixes #521 Accountant should not be able to edit reports and attached expenses
Adds GCM api key
2016-06-21 2.8.31

Hot fix on empty custom field regex required input pattern
Hot fix on expense resources upload
Fixes creditcard xml service cache file check
Fixes #510 Added new creditcard parser for BCC Corporate
Fixes #517 Unable to select open report from dropdown through expense edit window
Fixes #516 Changed reports API v4 custom fields object to identifier
Fixes #515
Fixes #510
Adds version number to application parameters 
2016-06-18 2.8.30

Fixes #514
Fixes #513
Fixes #478
Fixes #512